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Thread: Are you A Tapatalk user?

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    Default Are you A Tapatalk user?

    So I was just wondering how many on here use Tapatalk for this forum or any other forum. I finally got it and I love it.

    Are you A Tapatalk user?

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    I already found it annoying enough that people willingly let a app they like paid for advertise on a forum. now we get a sound off topic with it ending with "THIS SENT BY ________ CELL PHONE USING ANNYING APP 2.4665."

    just read the posts like normally and you'll quickly find out who has time to read a website, but not time to actually write replies.

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    I use it sometimes, but you'd never know it.

    The signature thing bugs me though, especially since it seems like it re-enables itself every so often after the app updates. That's the main reason I only use it once in awhile.

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    I used to wonder why people would put that sent from at the end of their post. Lol

    That is until I found out it was put there automatically.

    I used to say to myself Who the hell cares what your posting from. Lol

    By the way. Is there A way to turn off that automatic signature?

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    There's an option in the settings to disable it. You can also modify it to say something else as well.

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    I'm happy enough just using Google Chrome on my iPhone for this sort of thing. Dedicated apps don't make so much sense to me.

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    It largely depends on how you use it. I primarily use it for ADISC in areas with only EDGE speeds available, and I use it on one particular wifi network at a doctor's office because loading the mobile site is painfully slow there.

    Otherwise I either use iCabMobile and the full site (iPad) or mobile safari and the mobile skin (iPhone)

    I actually use Tapatalk as an iPad client for my custom CMS more than a forum client :P

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    I find TapATalk fun and easy to use!

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    I use my iPod Touch for almost everything online and I absolutely despise any tipe of mobile skin, application or version of a website. They bug me and they often don't work as well as or have all of the functions of the original site. I just became a pinch-and-zoom master and now I'm happily just using Safari Mobile.

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    I use it on my phone and never really had a bother with it, I just wish more forums used it. At the moment I'm only using it for Adisc.

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