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Thread: One tape diapers

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    Default One tape diapers

    I assume these exist, but I am unsure. Are there adult diapers with only one tape on each side? If there are, what are the brands? Thanx

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    Yes.. I have some, but I don't know the brand name. I got them on eBay from a guy who said they were CareCloud.. but the CareCloud briefs I bought in the past had 2 tapes and were a little different. These ones were in clear plastic bags though. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of them. Though, they work well if you wear something like sweatpants over them.

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    Not that I know of, unless there is an adult diaper maker that is trying to simulate a baby diaper with a bigger version. All bigger diapers that I have ever seen always have at least two tapes on each side.

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    Hmm.. Im not really sure, that would probably look pretty funny, and they better be really strong, or the diaper would be pretty much obsolete.

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    thoes look pritty good. i wouldn't mind getting some.

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    They seem pretty institutional. I wouldn't try them, I don't like the look.

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    I got the free sample once a few months back, I wasn't impressed, they were maybe slightly better than depends. On another note, I have seen a specific Rite-Aid store brand that had one tape per side. I bought them once, they were cloth covered and not great. I'll stop by my local rite aid when I have some time and see if they still have them and I'll report back.

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    One-tape adult diapers simply don't work because the diaper is too big and undergoes too much stress in day-to-day adult life.

    Essentially, the multiple-tapes system allows the wearer more comfort, as they can adjust the tightness of the diaper at varying points. With the single tape, it's only secured at one point and doesn't quite have the adjustability as a multiple-tape ones - this also leads to more stress on each tape. There are single-tape adult diapers out there; they work because it's more elongated and wider than tapes on other diapers, however, the reports on them have usually been negative. Mostly that they don't hold up and the overall quality is rather lacking.

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