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Thread: What is your first reason to join ADISC?

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    Question What is your first reason to join ADISC?

    Well i have been thinking this for long time. We all have reasons why we join ADISC. So my question is simple What is Your First Reason you join ADISC?

    Well if you ask me the first reason i join ADISC is so i can read stories better. You know this if you guest in ADISC there is limit on your Visit to the thread. So i join so i can lurking in stories section. Well then i became Lurker so i introduce myself but then i started to stop doing ABDL things(which is failed as you can see now). So i vacuum almost 2 years until about 3 months ago i became active again and meet many friends here.

    So that's my story. What's yours? Please tell the Truth okay.

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    I'm struggling to accept this part of myself, and thought that getting in touch with others who have similar preferences might help me to come to terms with it. It has, but I've a long (LONG) way to go, and keep taking steps forwards and backwards.

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    I'll just quote my original introduction post

    ...I'm mostly interested in just talking with like minded people and being at a ABDL site where I can just be me and not have to deal with other backend stuff. The one ABDL forum I spend the most time at is one I host for someone else, and most of the time they make me feel like they'd prefer it if I wasn't around.
    One part of that isn't true now. I no longer host any ABDL sites on my server. I ended up kicking them off after I found out during a restore after a hardware failure that they were allowing members to post hardcore smut that included kids in sexual situations in a hidden forum that I was actively blocked from seeing.

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    Because was too hip for the gods to allow it prosperity ;(

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    I joined ADISC because I got ban from and needed a place to move all my pictures to.

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    Because Point is a member here. Point is cool!

    O.K., so it's not just Point. There are lots of cool people here. So, yeah, it's because of the amazing members you get to know here at ADISC.

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    "Because Point is a member here. Point is cool!"

    ^ Basically this ^

    And because at the time, using memes wasn't awwwright, which really rustled my jimmies.

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    I thought the world of TBDL but as an older person I could not join without giving information I was unwilling to over the web. My main like of both forums has been the reviews and FAQs on the various brands of diapers both adult and baby. Even more importantly perhaps the forum is non comerical, not "creepy" and very well moderated.

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    Because I grew too old for the other community I helped build (I was too old for it when I started really, but at least I was a part of it) so now I'm getting a fresh start with fresh faces.

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    I had seen a number of sites, but hadn't gotten involved in any of them. My wife became very ill and I was/am her caregiver. It was Christmas, 2008 and she told me to order something nice for myself for Christmas, so I thought she sort of guessed my enjoyment of diapers, and that's what I ordered through Amazon. I kept it hidden and since so much was ordered at Christmas time, it sort of stayed hidden. Hidden, until they sent an e-mail which she read, an e-mail saying, "How did you like your DIAPERS!!!" She yells from the computer, "Did you order DIAPERS!!!!" I proceeded to slowly melt into the chair.

    I went to the computer (later) and found adisc. I created a membership and asked what should I do. They all said be honest and tell her how you feel, which I did. She was very accepting and asked me if I had enough supplies, so things worked out well. The rest is history and I became very active on this site. I enjoy this other family and the friends I've made. I'm on every night unless the unexpected comes up, like lack of electricity.

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