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Thread: Going overboard in the ABDL Life style,

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    Default Going overboard in the ABDL Life style,

    The AB/DL life can be an interesting and and fun one. We all have our experiences and stories that we can share. I for one love meeting and talking with people who can understand and share in this adventure.

    I do find it a bit crazy when people meet me wearing large and huge diapers in public. Or after one meeting want to indulge in a lifestyle of play and naughty behavior. I am very quite and secretive about my fetish and desires. I have never met anyone and indulged in play or anything of that matter.

    Share your experiences or thoughts?

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    I don't think one can go overboard. I encourage ABs and DLs to act and dress the way that makes them feel happy, even in public.

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    I feel like they can. I don't know, to me I treat it like all my other fetishes. If someone wants to ask I'll tell, but usually it's a keep it to my own home sort of thing. Meh. Whatever floats yer boat.

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    In the end it depends on what you see it as... sexual fetish or emotional life choice... it shows that people who see it as a sexual fetish prefer to keep it to themselves, while those who consider it an emotional life-style kind of thing like to share it with others.

    I personally like to share it because its no fun when you're all alone.

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    I mean...I share it sometimes...but not to the extreme or anything. Like, when I come over to my friend's house (who knows about it) sometimes I'll suck my thumb (although I try to do it when he is not looking or is outside, because I'm still a little shy.) I've worn a pullup to his house before, but I don't know if he noticed. I'm hoping to work my way up to using my paci there, if he isn't uncomfortable with it.

    As far as wearing a huge, visible diaper in public, like to the store? I don't think I could ever do that. I don't think I could publicly display anything about the fetish, even the emotional side. that I think about it, if I'm with another person I might act more silly/childish in public, but not overly so.

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    I would love to have physical playmates where we could have play dates to color and watch cartoons etc, but there's a snowball's chance in hell that I'll act little in public. Granted, I'll pout for my girlfriend or something in WalMart but wear a huge obvious diaper or take my binky somewhere? No way. I will wear a Depends Max out to WalMart or wherever IF she requests it or I'm 'in trouble'. Other than that, again - no way.

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    I don't do public unless it is a con or something and even then my diaper side stay under my clothes though most of know we are padding that day. I came in was thinking of a budgeting you do haft to watch that one can spend a lot on this I limit my self to about 2k-2.5k a year, out of about a meager $30kish income maybe bit more than 30K, but I am basically a full time so student so that isn't to bad just, create a budget and buy only the things you really want. I recommend an emotional check list to so you don't dive to deep to come back up for air.

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    I definitely think that I am starting to go overboard in the ABDL lifestyle. I spend large portions of my money on diapers and adult baby clothes. I constantly run the risk of being found out by ordering these things online. And most importantly, I am building an adult high chair while I still live at home. I haven't even considered how I plan on hiding the high chair from my parents... but it doesn't matter to me when I'm determined enough to be babyish.

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    I think I went overboard when I was away at college, but after spending a summer back home with very limited AB/DL lifestyle I learned and got wiser about future decisions.

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    I think "overboard" is a matter of perspective. Just like any other hobby, or fetish, or whatever it is to you... people do these things at varying levels and there's always going to be someone who doesn't do it as often/intensely as you. Just like there's going to be someone who does it way more often/more intensely than you.

    I think it's harmless as long as it's not detrimental to your life in some way... like you probably shouldn't be spending rent money on diapers, or starving your family so you can buy an adult high chair. Otherwise, who cares?

    Oh, and play with others is awesome!!! I feel so much more like a kid when I'm playing with another little.

    Perhaps in the future when meeting up, just specify that you are very secretive about it and ask the person not to wear anything obvious.

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