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    Now, I haven't worn diapers since I was a real little baby and I am quite shy to actually wear them on some type of basis in my adult life.

    BUT.........................if I were to start wearing them privately, where could I find them in my size. I'm a big guy (5'10, 42 waist), so where could I find them in that size? I know they exist because I have seen other profile pictures on this site of big diapers.

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    Pretty much everywhere. They are called adult diapers. Plenty of medical stores carry them. If you want good ones then your best bet is to buy online. I don't know if you want babyish diapers but if that's what you want, then you should try or

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    I think online is the easiest options.
    u could try xp or, thats where I order from.

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    It sounds form the waist size u listed u might be able to do an abena M4, if not go for larger size.

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    Here's another site you can try. they offer a variety pack the brands they carry. They wiil send you send two of each in the size you order. The cost is

    minimal. So you won't be out a lot of money.

    I'm a regular customer and only requested a catalog when I first started with them. When I got it in the mail the only thing on

    the envelope was their return adress. I also chose not to subscribe to emails. I now get my orders automaticly on the frequencey

    that I requested.
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    I have had good service from and continue to buy from them. They have several brands of adult diapers.

    I have also ordered from and they are reasonable to deal with, but be aware that they email every so often with offers on things you've ordered in the past. If your email could be read by others, this might be a problem.

    Abena M4 fit me, but just barely, with my 40 waist. I would get samples of both the M4 and the L4 and decide based on comfort.

    HDIS has been reported as less than discreet in their customer service, such as mailing catalogs and flyers to customers' homes with obvious references to diapers. I have no personal experience with them, mostly because of this reputation.
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    Try "Adult Cloth Diaper.Com". They can diaper you!

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