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Thread: Where to buy an adult onesie near Allentown, pa

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    Default Where to buy an adult onesie near Allentown, pa

    I am looking for a store that I can buy an adult onesie. Does anyone know where I can get one in a store. The onesie would have to have a snapping crotch for easy changes. If you know where I could buy one let me know. I know you can buy them online but would prefer to buy them at store that way I know they would fit me right.

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    Yah not gonna happen, order offline and go by their measurments.

    and btw, all onsies have snap crotches, thats what makes them an onsie......

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    order a "body stocking", they're on the front page at XPM: XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies

    I got one. Probably was a little small for me unfortunately, I'm kinda tall but good quality construction. Snaps are covered in soft cloth and never bother me, elastic holds the leg cuffs of my diaper firmly in place, overall material is about double the thickness of a regular tshirt.

    They are arm and leg-less though. If you want arms and legs too I suggest going to the all-in-one company or jumpin jammerz etc and get footed pajamas instead.

    You'll have a really difficult time finding either of these locally. Best chances there are pajamas (footed and non) at a local department store.

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