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Thread: Just made an improvised diaper and flooded it suddenly.

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    Default Just made an improvised diaper and flooded it suddenly.

    I suddenly got obsessed after reading diaper stuff.

    I got a bunch of rags and put them between two of my underwear, and stuff some tissue paper in to try to make it feel like a disposable(didn't work).

    I went to bed and tried peeing belly down but couldn't manage it, so I tried laying back and I got a steady flow that lasted for minutes. It was relaxing, but I was disappointed that I could feel any wetness because it was all absorbed.

    I tried different position, but I start flooding it standing up(Had a towel beneath me the whole time). I when I soaked it a played around with it for a while. It was mess, and not at all secure feeling.

    And then I cleaned up.

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    Yeah, I am sometimes tempted to make a makeshift, but I always figure I will be disapointed.

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    I did when I was a teenager, and it was never disappointing....sigh. It was only afterwards (use imagination) that I felt guilty and ashamed.

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    I decided it didn't work out well but I learn quite a bit from it so I don't regret it. I don't think I'll be trying that again.

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