So while my girlfriend was away I ordered the sample pack of Blancos. On her uh 'instruction' lol I wasn't allowed to wear until she got home from vacation. Finally she came home and finally we had a night where there was time to play. I was so excited and then bam. They don't live up to the hype. The tapes wouldnt stick well - I had to resort to packing tape just to get the diaper tight enough to feel secure. Also I found the lack of the bottom third tapes somewhat disheartning. I mean I knew they only had four tapes but :/ I guess I expected more. I will say, however, the capacity was AMAZING. Once I used enough packing tape to be satisfied it wouldn't fall off, I was able to wet pretty heavily for the better part of the night. I know by bedtime when I took a shower it could have held more. I was tempted to weigh it but I didn't. *shrug* Sad.