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Thread: Plain White Adult Diapers in Large????

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    Default Plain White Adult Diapers in Large????

    Okay so...I have been on a quest for quite awhile to find white adult diapers in size large ever since sadly gaining weight and moving out of the medium size bracket. For some stupid ass reason (excuse the angry language and semi pun) adult diaper companies think only medium "normal" sized ppl want plain white diapers. Suckage right there. I think everything that looks green, purple, blue, and beige looks more medical than plain white. That is extra suckage if you are an AB. Agreed or is it just me? Anyhow kinda hope this thread would be added to on a regular basis if anyone knows of any brands that are white in the large size (until I get my sorry butt to lose weight and go back down to the medium size bracket again). BTW, 10 million points awarded for any high quality (not store brand) cloth like cover diaper in size large with leak guards and velcro tabs that is completely white (ABU Cushies can't count as their large size is too small to properly fit wah LOL)

    I'll start off:

    Banbinos Bianco (of course,but sometimes I want thinner)

    Depends Max Protection (A bit too thin but white nevertheless)

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    The dry 24/7 come in and in large size but since they tend to run large I would try the mediums first.

    The only other diaper that I can think of is the attends 6 tab. There better than depends.

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    I was going to suggest Abena brand diapers. They're not exactly plain white, but they're very close. They have some blue wavy designs that look nice, plus they're very comfortable and reasonably inexpensive. A lot of places online sell them. You might even be able to find them at a local medical supply store.

    I second Large Dry 24/7's. They're very thick and comfortable, but the tapes kinda suck. The gel pad in the rear feels like a squishy brick when you wet it. Never had this happen with any other diaper. Dry's are especially fun for doubling up, if you're into that sort of thing.

    P.S. Try Depends Max with a stuffer. Its alright. Not quite as terrible. Too bad Cushies don't fit. Those plus a stuffer work great actually.
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    Attends but they do not hold much. Very comfy. Plastic is a bit louder which I like too!

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    Cuddlz make large sizes and they're plain white

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    Providers Choice makes an all white diaper, its plastic backed but it has velcro tape tabs and a clothlike landing zone for the velcro tapes, while the rest of the diaper remains plastic backed... these are called Active Ultra Plus Overnites, made by or at least marketed by Providers Choice.

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    I think Provider's Choice went out of buisness...I wanted to order some but now can't :-( Their website is still up and it has no way to order anything and their phine number doesn't work. All other online companies who use to stock their product no longer carry it. Sad news.

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    Bambino bianco. Dry247 are thicker than bambino and the medium fit bigger than most diaper mediums.

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    Tena have Tena Basic Slip Super, which is basically the regular Tena Slip basic, but without any colored prints or the "feel-dry" layer. Only markings are the yellow wetness indicators.

    They come in small, medium and large editions.

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    Tranquility ATN are white/two tape. A nice mid value diaper. Better than store bought and cheaper than the higher end European diapers.

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