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    I was wondering, I mean there many little information of Paraphilic Infantilism, or Diaper Fetishism if you try to re-search, as far I know, the first articles talking something about ABDL are from the 60ís. And in this last 50 years we experimented a revolution in the sharing of information.

    I mean, if you was an ABDL at 1870, you would think that you was the only people in the whole world with this, fetch, or life-style (depending of what you consider be an ABDL). I mean, how you would possible find others ABDL people if you live at that time? There was no way! I mean, even sexual psychologist would not knew this existed.

    But I think that probably must had existed ABDL people in the pass.. But I would like to know your opnion about these my dear friends!

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    Without the internet I would think I was the only one. Plus I don't think I wouldn't even be using diapers in 1870 because no rubber pants existed then and infant potty training was used then. Diapers were only intended for accidents. I am sure people did use their diapers back then and made their own their size. I am also sure some others wore them like underwear. I may not be into the AB/DL thing at all because baby stuff was different back then.

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    From what I've read, infantilism absolutely existed in the past, and was even documented at times. Understanding Infantilism has a page on it:

    What is Infantilism?

    Take a look at the references. There's a journal article (reference #5) from 1952 about "Patterns of Psychosexual Infantilism". Sixty years ago, ABDL was recognized and studied, even if it was a somewhat obscure condition. In 1980, a man named Thomas Speaker published a Masters' thesis on adult babies. It's long, but fascinating if you're a nerd like me.

    Only since the Internet has ABDL begun to cross into the mainstream, and even then in small ways. But it's been recognized for decades, and there's no reason to believe age regression and the desire to be a baby didn't exist even earlier.

    I do wonder if it was as common back then, though (even though it's not common today). Childhood was far from idyllic in the Industrial Revolution, medieval times, or in tribal societies. Would people have the innocent, carefree view of childhood we have today, which I think is part of the reason we as adult babies long for childhood? I'm not saying it couldn't have existed, but there's reason to believe it wasn't as common.

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    Well i think ABDL it's been here for a while but since ABDL is a private activity and is not exactly an open community so many people keep the secret to themselves. But since internet come in 1990s people start wondering about ABDL and then started to get connected and communicate.

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    I was a practicing teen baby in the 1960's and of course thought I was the only one. I grew up in the cloth diaper generation. We as babies would get terrible diaper rashes, especially in the summer. There was the smell of the diaper pail in houses where there were babies, and one would see diapers hanging on the clothes lines to dry as not everyone had an electric drier. Also, the sun would bleach the diapers, killing some germs and making them smell fresher. Plastic pants were used, but not all the time as they hold in heat.

    Into this world were the teen and adult babies, but we lived in secret. When my mom discovered mine, she was aware of adult babies. She was not a happy camper however, and sent me to see a shrink. Things were harsher, parents didn't understand, and things were not well accepted. Because there was no internet, there was no exchange of information, making acceptance almost impossible.

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    I've always wondered. I would think that you would be stoned to death or exiled depending on how far back you were, though. So if you have time-travel plans, be careful.

    It would also be harder to keep a secret, because back then diapers were cloth. And you had to wash them by hand.

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