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Thread: Ageplay Bathing

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    Default Ageplay Bathing

    Another one of my favorite ageplay fantasies incorporates being "nakie" and taking a bath with my "parents". What do you guys feel about being a little in the bath? Do you guys do any time of ageplaying in the shower as well?

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    Should be fun and nice.

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    Sounds like fun =3

    Or giving a bath to a baby/little girl. That sounds like fun, too.

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    Must be like heaven giving a bath in abdl girl... I mean...These is one of my dreams... I giving a bath on her, she naked on the tube, and playing with toys, and I wash her hair..

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    I also would love to dress her up after the bath, put a diaper on her, and cute nightown

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    And I would like the inverse too.. I mean, a "mommy" giving me bath, I kind would feel SO safe, protected, and loved.. I mean... When you are naked in front of someone, there is a vulnerably feelings, but if your "mommy" is giving you a bath, you know that she not gonna hurt you, and you kind feel safe, and the fact that you are naked and she is not hurting you, or laughing at you... Makes all perfect!

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    My daddy gives me bathes sometimes. I Like being washed whale I play with my bath toys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    My daddy gives me bathes sometimes. I Like being washed whale I play with my bath toys.
    Yes that is nice. And way should you wash your self when you have a daddy
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    Sometimes, I used to shower with my dad, and other times with my older brother when I was a kid. All those times have been long gone within some time. I would love to have a mommy or a brother (I don't live with my dad) who would bathe me in a bubble bath while I enjoy playing with my Thomas wooden trains. But then again, there won't be very much of a chance since my mom is not so very pleasant with my adult baby syndrome, although she did say that it is better than drinking alcohol, and that I can do what I want (beer, vodka, liquor, etc.).

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    Getting scrubbed down in the bath by your caretaker is a wonderful experience! As other posters have noted, the scenario provides that crucial mix of vulnerability and trust that makes the soul of an AB jump for joy. I always enjoy it, especially when I get bath toys added into the mix. ^^

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    Usually, if I sleep in a nappy, I have a bath the next day (instead of the "normal" shower) 'cos it makes me feel little. I use Johnson's Baby Bath (which smells great!) and after washing with normal adult soap/shampoo, I use Top-to-Toe wash and Baby Shampoo.

    I would love to have a grown up take care of me and give me a good scrub, wash my hair, then rub me down with a towel, then wrap it round me and cuddle me like crazy till I was dry...

    Sigh... I don't think any non-AB/DL could possibly imagine how wonderful it would feel to be cared for and looked after in such an innocent way...

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    Interesting Idea.

    Just have to add an oversize tub to the equation to make it fun. A standard tub would just not feel right to me.

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