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    Hey, Just joined the site a few days ago and I've been reading through posts left and right, what a great community! After writing this i think it turned into more of an autobiography then in introduction but here it goes!

    Personality wise most people would agree i'm quiet and easy to get along with, and slow to anger. I was that kid in school that got picked on for no particular reason. More of a geek i guess you could say, i started taking computers apart when i was young, trying to figure them out. I was also very into Lego robotics (mindstorms) growing up.

    I stumbled upon this site while looking up, you guessed it, diapers. I've had a diaper fetish since i was very young, i even remember watching kids in daycare get diapered and wish they would put me back in a diaper too. It wasn't until i was about 10 that i stated experimenting, cutting out trash bags in the shape of a diaper, adding layers and layers of of paper towels and holding it all together with duct tape. It wasn't too far down the road that i also tried experimenting with my sister's skirts and dresses, as crossdressing also became another fetish of mine. When i turned 16 and got a car i finally went and bought a bag of depend diapers from the local walmart. I might add that that first time took about 2 hours, sitting in my car, sweating, nervous as all get up just trying to build up the courage to get out of the car, walk into the store, go to the adult diaper aisle, and carry it to the self checkout. Anyway to sum things up those days are gone, i now know better then to buy depends, and currently i have some 500+ diapers i keep stashed in my attic from attends, to tena, bambino, classy comfort, tranquility, abina, and molicare. I also enjoy following Riley Kilo's blog and as far as crossdressing goes, I've successfully passed in a mini skirt on many occasions in large malls and shopping centers.

    My biggest interest is gaming. I'm an avid world of Warcraft fan and looking forward to the upcoming expansion, mists of panderia. I also enjoy downhill skiing in the winter and snowmobiling however i cant do either in the location i live in currently. I've worked in the computer repair field for 7 years and currently I've been working as an industrial controls electrician for the past 2 years. I love to travel, I've been everywhere from Hawaii to the Cayman islands, and from Seattle to Florida. I'd love to go to New York some time but in addition to site seeing, not the typical reason you would think... I've been told New York has the best pizza in the world and that's one of my favorite foods. Right now i guess you could say i'm settling down, i just bought a house last year and i have a baby on the way that's due in October.

    I joined the site mainly for information and the support of a community that that has similar interests as me. I love learning about what everyone else is doing and i hope to share my thoughts as well.

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    to long, didn't read
    Welcome to ADISC. You're find you're pretty normal here, although that is quite a stash you have in your attic. I wonder if any of your family knows about your cross-dressing or DLness.

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    My fiance knows about both.. I was pretty upfront with her about that early on. Although she doesn't like it she leaves me alone about it most of the time.. As far as when I was growing up living with my parents I think they may have found some diapers in my closet at one point but thought I was having a bedwetting problem.

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    Welcome to the site and great introduction. I'm a professional musician and I've been a few places as well when I used to tour. As for pizza, I'm originally from the Jersey Shore and we had great New York style pizza on the boardwalk. I thought I'd miss it when we moved to Virginia, but right down the street from where I live is a genuine New York style Italian restaurant, and their specialty is New York style pizza. How lucky can one be!

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