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Thread: first time diapered at work. Feeling confident! :)

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    Default first time diapered at work. Feeling confident! :)

    okay, so today ive decided to wear some depends maximum protection (as that was all they had) with a nighttime tena pad and hoping it will last me the next 8 hours at work im feeling pretty confident. Im also a salesman and I cant see anything but im feeling good about this. Im just feeling a little adventurous today. What do you do when your feeling adventurous?

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    Hope you have a good day. I have done this, although where I work, with our uniforms, it makes it a bit obvious. To me anyways. Its great to just have a day to be yourself, unfortunatly with how hectic my life has been lately, I've not had any "me" days in awhile. I've not had any time to be adventurous. :-/ Have alot of fun!!!

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    I wear to work everyday and in our uniforms you most likely can tell but no one ever says anything

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