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Thread: Durian Fruit

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    This sounds crazy, and has nothing to do with ABDL, but here it goes:

    Anybody out there live where durians are grown or sold? Ever since I played Farmville a long time ago and a tree called the durian tree became one of the main trees, I've been curious about the fruit and have researched it online.

    I know this: it's native to Southeast Asia in the very warm tropical areas. From reading it, I get the impression that it is as common in Southeast Asia as the banana is in the Americas.

    Can anybody describe what they taste like? I'm thinking that because they have a larger fat content than most fruits that they might be like eating a rich custard, but correct me if I'm wrong. Asian supermarkets in smaller American cities like where I live don't have much variety so I doubt I can just buy them here fresh. I don't know if it's a good idea to order a frozen one online either.

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    Isn't that the fruit that smells like rotting flesh and is explicitly banned from just about every passenger airline?!

    I've heard they're delicious if you can take a bite without gagging on the smell, but I've never seen one and don't actually know what it would taste like...

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    I, too, hear they smell positively horrible, but taste delicious. I'm guessing you might be able to find them in an Asian market or some other ethnic foods store. I don't know where in Virginia you're from, but I know there's a Grand Mart in Sterling, and another one called Lotto but I forgot where that one is. I'd check those out if you live somewhat near either of them.

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    They make your breathe smell like car exhaust and taste absolutely disgusting. Was a fun trick played on me by one of my good buddies.

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    Of course I read about their smell. You have to cut them up outside. Asian hotels and busses typically ban them.

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    Well i do live in countries where durian is hugely popular(and dirt cheap) but to be honest i don't like durian so much it smells very bad. But according people who eat it(well my entire family) they taste good. Very sweet fruit.

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    Not particularly a fan of them, rambutans and lychees, are much better in my book and would be at the same asain local market and also smell, good esp. when compared to the durian. I eat sheeps milk blue cheese and other stinky things along that line but the durian is a bit much for me, it smell is more putrid and pronounced than the heat of a Jolokia Bhut pepper, which smells and taste better in my opinion as I can actually eat those with out wanting throw up.

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    I've had durian. It does have a very pungent sweet smell, that smells about like a rotting compost pile on a hot day. However, the flavor is intensely sweet and complex. The flavor changes as you eat it. And I would say tastes like a combination of many fruits. I like it!

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    I hear they smell like sweaty gross socks. But I would like to try it...<.<
    No idea where you can buy them though.

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    Durian fruit smells horrible and i dont think it tastes great. When i lived in china it made the entire grocery store smell weird...

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