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    How to customize a boring diaper:

    Ok, you just got back from the store with your pack of diapers that you wanted to try out, you get into your safe place where you can wear your diapers to your hearts content and you open the pack and…Oh no! Its totally not what you expected!…The package lied to you promising you cute or cool charters but you find diapers that are a plan white or other color…Scared, you panic….You cant risk another trip that someone might find out about your interest and then,. You think and say “Ill customize this! Yea!!” but then sadden that you don’t have the art skills but you remember that a new user by the name of MegaChar made a customized pull up diaper with Pokemon on them…”If he can make Pokemon diapers, then I can make what ever I want”…Then you remember he also put up a guide on how to do this as well….

    Which is what I’m going to show you…

    Im going to teach you a very simple and common method used often by DLs but very effective to get the results you want on that diaper that lies to you….Lets learn how, shall we?

    Stuff you need for this:

    Printing paper
    Clear shipping tape
    Color markers
    Color computer printer
    A computer
    Image from internet
    And the most important part: The diaper

    (first picture would be here)

    #1: The first thing you want to do is ask your self this question:” Do I want my diaper to be cool or cute?” This question is the most important to ask. Why? Because it will be a influencer theme to your diaper,

    You might know this all ready but diapers are a fancy form of underwear that has a love, caring theme to them like when you wear a diaper, you feel like your being loved and cared for(this is in my case, but could mean differently for you).Also most of the charters that are on diapers these days are mostly cute or cool like Dora The Explorer has a cute theme to it, the prints of Boys Goodnites have cool themes to them…

    (second picture would be here)

    #2 After choosing what theme we want our diaper to have(remember…Cool or Cute),We will look up an image on the internet that best represents the theme that you have chosen but also fits YOU, What you want on the diaper…Find an image that’s a non real world or non human cartoon charter….

    Why not humans or real life stuff on them? We humans don’t fit very well into either category of cute or cool and real life stuff is just….Yucky, it doesn’t fit into anything… But…there are cases that you can do the human part….Remember what I said about the little girl that can speak Spanish, has a monkey walk with her all the time and goes by the name of Dora….That might work…but be warned some companies might get little upset that you put one of their charters on a diaper(you could if possible just go to the store and buy a diaper that has the charter on it)…So, if you are, just don’t tell that you are doing so for your own safety….

    (3rd Picture would be here)

    #3: Anyways, get that image from the internet from your Google search or web site, and get your word processor up and running, if you don’t have a word processor, just be like me and go to the open office web site( and download the free one there….
    Then, right click on your image, find “Copy” then go to your word processor and right click and “Paste” and the image should appear on it…Next, in this step, you take out your ruler and you take out a piece of paper from your printer and, then you resize the image using the onscreen ruler that hard to see but can be found, mark the ruler to where the image can fit in the middle on the fount of the diaper(not on the wetness zone but the top front of it)

    (forth picture would be here)
    #4: Then afterwards, print it out in COLOR ink…Not black because black is a very dead color and represents dull darkness…We don’t want that do we? Diapers means love and care, not darkness(Ill talk about that later where you can get a diaper that’s all black if you really want one that badly)

    (5th picture would be here)

    #5 Next, after the image has printed out on paper….Its time to cut the image out of the paper, get your scissors and cut,cut,cut that image following the outlines of the cartoon charters(Ill explain why later you should find a cartoon as your diaper theme)….Don’t cut into the charter too much or it will say that your hurting it….Just joking…What I mean is that you will have to use more ink for another print…Ouch and wasteful and remember? You don’t have time to mess up….

    (6th picture would be here)

    #6: Now that you have cut out the image like me, get your boring diaper ready by getting rid of all the dents and creases in it and then….Your craftsmen skills are going to come in handy in this part,,,

    (7th picture would be here

    #7: Get your clear tape out and roll out some tape that’s the length of the image you cut out and you place the sticky part of the tape on the image and place it on the diaper(the front of it, remember what I said?)….

    Next, you get some more tape that’s the length of the tape you pulled out in the first place and you over lap the ordinal tape side by side until the image is covered in tape like what your seeing in this picture and Tada! Done! You have a customized diaper…..

    Or….if that not enough for you and you want the theme to have functions too….

    Keep on reading you cool people that are different

    Now that you have done the basic part of this project but you want your theme to shine out too….you might need some very basic drawing skills to continue…

    Required skills for this step: Stick figure drawing/basic shapes drawing

    Now that your diaper has your favorite image on it lets takes some ink markers and put on some drawing stuff that goes away when you wet into the customized diaper(If you are but some wont wet on their customized diaper like me)…As I said, Lets learn how shall we?

    (8th picture would be here)
    #8 Now that you have your image that you printed out on the diaper, we need some good old wetness indicators on it….Pull out a blank piece of paper and get some color marker mark and start practicing drawing shapes; circles, triangles, squares stuff that would fit the theme of your image on the diaper would be best like in my case as you can see: Poke’ balls go with Pokemon for example.

    Now after you got your skill up to date, pull out that cool or cute diaper that you made and draw stuff with your color markers that matches to theme of the image or matches the theme of what you have chosen that is cute or cool on it…

    Now that we are done with that, congrats!!! That diaper that lied to you is now beaming personality and your happy to that you made something cool that maybe nobody has done before like me with my Poke’ diapers

    Tips: Always remember the “cool or cute” question because it is the main theme that you will have on your diaper.

    If you don’t have a printer, you can always buy a really cheap printer starting around $20 in most stores like Walmart, Target, ect….Also, those printer will print in color ink so do don’t have to worry…Like, I got a simple HP printer at Walmart for $29...You don’t need anything fancy, just something that prints in color ink

    Make sure you customized a “blank” diaper like a all white or other color diaper because the other diaper has a theme already with it and your customization to the diaper will make it really “off”….What I mean is try to put another charter on the diaper even tho it all ready has a charter on it

    Tape, markers and other supplies used in this project can be bought at most stores at cheap prices including diapers.

    If you don’t have a computer to do this project, go to a friends house, city library, Wi-Fi café ect. To get that image you wanted from the internet

    Most images on the internet are copyrighted by some person or company, you could maybe use the image if you ask the person who made the image for permission to use the image. If it’s a company, they will most likely not listen to you…So under Fair Use, you can use the image….Just don’t tell that you are tho for your safety.

    Edited: If you wish to have black diapers,you will have to go to a ABDL store called Fabline to buy soem of the black diapers they make but they can be really expensive( $30.00-40.00 for just one)

    Basic computer knowledge is also required for this project.

    (I hope this guide helps you get what you want on your diaper because I like seeing people happy)
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    From the title, I was expecting it would be a tutorial on fixing boring diaper threads. I think it would have been an intriguing if difficult topic. Good luck with this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    From the title, I was expecting it would be a tutorial on fixing boring diaper threads. I think it would have been an intriguing if difficult topic. Good luck with this one.
    Thanks for letting me know @Trevor.

    I was going to post this tutorial to the "articles as a way to customize diapers that are kind of borring to wear because I tend to see alot of people asking here for custom diaper tapes,custom diaper prints encluding my self...So with my extreamly limited skills I have in art, I took a different aproch to personality on diapersand thats what this thread is about...

    But as you can see this isnt in the articles because dial up is really slow for uploading pictures so I was down to my last opition...Make a thread about this...And no this thread is not on how to make articles better...just me posting a short version of customizing diapers simply...

    Sorry for any missunderstanding...I tend to not explane everything at once.

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    Sounds intersting I will look into this when i start wearing again

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    I like your creativity

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