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    It's Friday. Binge time for us ABDLs, lol

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    I'm bored too...would looove to babiefy myself, but I still have to do ALL of my laundry which I have been neglecting, and plus my mom is home =(

    I wish I lived by myself! lol.

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    luckily im home alone, but im just tired from camping and dont feel well.

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    Hooray for uneventful Friday nights! Anything in particular you wanna talk about?

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    nothing in particular, im just laying in bed hoping to feel better soon.

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    Ugh, I know that feeling. Camping can really take it outta ya.

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    it really can, it was fun innertubing and skiing and stuff..but man im done physically now lol

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    Envy! Wish winter activities were available here, but alas...100+ degree weather puts a cork in that idea. That and the lack of mountains by the ocean, lol.

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    thats the interesting thing about washington, on the water, but it has almost all the different ecosystems in the state lol. wish i could of figured out wakeboarding though

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