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Thread: Solving the US guncrime and obesity problems, in one term....

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    Default Solving the US guncrime and obesity problems, in one term....

    You have to do it in one term, because, frankly, you won't get a second term if you enact these laws.
    so they need to be enacted at the start of the term.

    1) Make it obligatory for every sane adult to carry a loaded weapon at all times.
    2) Make it obligatory for every adult to wear a sign that shows both their BMI and their walking speed at all times.
    3) Ban all transport that is not human powered for journeys of less than 2 miles.(ie walk or cycle only)
    4) Make it legal to shoot people on sight who BMI exceeds 30 AND who are walking at less than 2mph. (i.e. if you're fat and walk fast, you're ok; slim and slow, you're ok; fat and slow - worry).

    (I'm joking, OK?)

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    I hope you wore the fireproof underwear today, the flames are about to start!

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    Or we could make obese people eat guns and bullets until they lose a lot of weight!

    And just think of the gun / bullet puns we could make!

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    Default'd best hope that guys like Rulon Gardner wear squeaky shoes when they're coming up behind you.

    (doing my best to turn this into an Olympic joke)

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    i didnt see that joking thing until 5 minutes later, seriously had me tripping there

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    Nice. Extreme social Darwinism. I think it'll actually work! Great idea!

    We'd have to get around ethics and protesters, or we could just shoot them...

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    Well damn! You cut right to the chase, don't you..

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    Phew I am safe. Had a 30++ (BMI) outpace me at the gym about a month ago. I almost switched machines when he was done just to make it look like I was actually doing something.

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    ay u punq azz i am 5 feet tall & way 400 pounzz.......... my bmi izz thru tha roof. sry but ur system sux, do u even lift, LOL

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