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    Hi everyone!

    I'm a little shy, especially with potentially embarrassing things like this, so I've been lurking around the forums for about a month but I decided it's time to at least introduce myself.

    A little about me - I'm currently working as an industrial software programmer so I work in factories making the machinery do what it's supposed to do. I've also worked as a database programmer a couple of times, but moving stuff on a computer screen wasn't as fun as making stuff move in the real world.

    I guess I'm here because I like knowing that there is a community of people with a shared interest in this "stuff." I like wearing diapers when I can and I've been experimenting with regression as a little girl (I think this is the non-sexual term? It's more an emotional/state of mind thing for me).

    My other interests include programming (obviously) even though I have a love/hate relationship with computers. I also like gardening/landscaping and home remodeling. The house I'm in now was a fixer-upper and we've got it looking good outside and are almost done inside! Yay! I enjoy finding and tasting different wines and beers, though I'm not a connoisseur of either. I also do some light gaming from time to time. Oh, and I have two doggies that were rescued - a Weimaraner and a German Shorthaired Pointer - they're the snuggliest dogs ever (when they're not running around)!

    As for this site, I mainly like reading about other people's experiences and thoughts. I'm not that outgoing in real life and haven't really participated socially online either. We'll see how this goes since I haven't shared this side of me with anyone yet, maybe I won't be so quiet since this is my only outlet!

    Anyway, greetings to all and thank you for being a great community so far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoisySecret View Post
    Anyway, greetings to all and thank you for being a great community so far!
    Welcome to ADISC, NoisySecret!

    Definitely check out the Programmers group. There are more than a few of us here, though programming topics tend to get somewhat less traffic than the numbers would lead you to expect. I suppose "baby" and "coder" are mutually exclusive personas.

    As it is for you, ADISC was also my first/only online "coming out," and I didn't honestly expect to be here long. I'd never shared this interest with anybody (on purpose), and even though I was anonymous here, it was still a tad awkward. A year later, I have to admit that I really did need the support of this community. It's been a huge relief having a place to come and be easy about the diapers and related topics. Hopefully you find it similarly helpful!

    I'm a cat person myself, but I'll forgive you on the dog thing seeing as how you're new around here, hehehe.


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    Thank you for the welcome and for pointing me to the programmer group. It does look a little slow in there, but I can understand why. It seems that coding is highly logical and thought intensive while being a baby would be an effort to get away from all of that.

    And boys really don't like cats but I can get along with cat people

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    Welcome to ADISC, I hope your time here helps you explore this side of you.

    Also didn't realise there was a programmers group, joining up ^_^
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    Welcome to our community crib . Really nice intro.

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