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Thread: Do you like explicit sex in ABDL stories?

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    Default Do you like explicit sex in ABDL stories?

    Well, to be honest I read diapers stories just because this turns me on, but (and maybe it sounds a little weird), but I don’t like of explicit sex scenes in diapers stories.

    For example, what turns me on, in a diaper story are things an adult woman been treated like a baby, and the “mommy or daddy” putting diapers on them, and hugging, and giving bottles, and putting them in a crib, this kind of thing. I also like of mental regression stories.

    So, sex scenes, in ABDL story just seems weird to me, I mean, if the carrier is treating them like a baby, they obviously can’t have sex with them. I also don’t like stories that involve humiliation, like force someone to wear diapers for humiliated the person, or stories that mix sadism with ABDL.

    Anyway I don’t know if stay confuse I was trying to say LOL But I think you guys have are able to get some idea of I was trying to say. So feel free to talk about this, and give your opinions. What kind of stories do you like?

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    PS: Sorry, I don't know if this is the right place to post it, I was in doubt if I should post this here, or in the Mature Topics session. Anyway, if this is nt the right place, please, put it there, thanks

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    I don't think I'd mind explicit sex, if it worked in the scene. However, I tend to prefer all the other aspects you mentioned - basically babying the adult woman, and mental regression.

    I don't dislike humiliation and being forced into diapers, in certain situations, anyway. Like a naughty or uncooperative little girl being put in her place and/or forced into a diaper if necessary. But not when it's against her will outside of the scene, if that makes sense.

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    It seems that we have the same kind of taste in ABDL stories, but I do dislike explicit sex in the stories it is a turn off for me.

    Diapering and regression is a win for me.

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    Yes, I like diapering and regression, often forced situations because hubby has been "caught" by angry wife, but I'm not interested in reading a lot of graphic sexual scenes. If it's just sort of there, that's okay, but I don't want to read how moist or wet she is, etc.

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    Since I'm more of a DL, I'm kind of the opposite from you three XD
    Although, I don't usually read diaper stories, when I do, they do involve explicit scenes.

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    I haven't been reading the right stories apparently. The ones I've read long ago tended to be Regression, Regression, and More Regression. I actually didn't think there were that many with sexual scenes at all.

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    Well i usually never look if the story has some sex scenes or not and i usually read if it is a good story or not. But what irritate me is in some of the ABDL story (Well mostly about DL) there is some explicit scene in diapering for example getting "Turned On" and i think it's not appropriate and since the story i read is about 15 years old getting back to diaper and diapered by his own mother. So i agree sometimes there is useless explicit scene in some ABDL stories that i think it's better without one.

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    Archer has this down to a t is its done tastefully and as a legitimate part of the story's development its fine but if it's a shock development to the story or just purely in there because the writer was horny when they wrote it then it kills the story dead

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    As long as the characters have adult minds, even if regressive or infantile behavior is very strong, I'm usually okay with sexual scenes. The grey area, though, is if adults are placed in baby bodies and then only mention sexuality briefly or in passing, or I will get a little creeped out.

    All-out sexual DL scenes or sexual scenes at all, like dogboy says, don't need to go into detail to turn me on. Besides, I prefer to read an ABDL story to identify with it as an ABDL, and not to be arroused by it, or I would read more Beatrice Small ("chickporn"-style romance novel writer), and then pad up .

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    To be honest it just kind of makes me lose interest in the story, especially if was a realistic story. But then there's this random unrealistic sex scene I stop and go and read an e-book, currently White Fang.

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