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    Default Architecture!

    Buildings! Structures! Height, width, lack thereof! Elegance and simplicity!

    What are your favorite architectural styles and your favorite buildings?

    I like brutalism. The inhumanity of it, compared to a lot of other buildings that are supposed to look nice, is beautiful in its own right.

    33 Thomas Street. This building hates you. It's in the middle of New York City and is a skyscraper without windows. It's extremely secure, with floors that can support 200-300 pounds per square foot.

    Plaza tower/Crescent City towers. Marking the skyline of New Orleans since 1969, this building really does hate you. It's been plagued by mold and asbestos problems for years and hasn't been occupied since 2002 for these issues. It's up for sale, with bids ending September 20.

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    Brutalism truly is awesome - as long as there's enough asymmetry or complexity in form. Otherwise it comes off as simplistic. I also have a particular fondness for organic architecture. Here's a treat for you: an organic take on brutalism.
    Habitat 67 by Moshe Safdie

    Take a look at this. Now this. Notice how the second city layout just looks a lot more inviting? That's because it's organic. A city built not from scratch by someone intent on designing a grand whole, but merely the result of thousands of lives and intentions intersecting.

    Organicism is what differentiates a more functional Bauhaus building

    from a building like Fallingwater.

    It's about complexity and irregularity. It both frees itself from the dogmatic strictness of much of modern architecture and factors in the aspects of time and change. The mass-produced chair you just bought looks virtually identical to others of its type. But use it for a few years, in different rooms, for different purposes - sit on it to read a few books, then use it in your office for a while, then stand on it to paint a room - and it will already have amassed characteristics specific to that very chair. That is both the approach and, in my opinion, the beauty of organicism.

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    i tend toward the ornate and the traditional. i can't stand the stacked cube and angular obsession of modern [so-called] architecture; and i certainly can't see where any talent or thought is employed in such (it's no different from a bairn stacking Lego bricks).

    and this 'let's put the internal structure on the outside' defeats the whole point of a building with walls: walls are there to protect (the building and it's occupants), not merely hold up the roof.
    and then, there's the glass obsession, or, as i see it, shrapnel waiting for an explosion.

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    This building is just amazing: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Towering_Spires_by_mericanadian.jpg 
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ID:	13466 (I took this pic myself) It is St Mary's Basilica in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. On September 7th, 1874 the Cross was erected one hundred and eighty nine feet above the sidewalk atop the spire. This spire is said to be the highest free-standing granite spire in North America. Today the basic exterior structure of the Basilica remains the same as it was in 1874 after the completion of renovations.

    I am fascinated with old buildings/structures...not that we have any that are as old as those in Europe...but still!

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    This building in Leeds was voted the best tall building in the world... apparently:

    I've always been a fan though. When it was first built it was grey, but it was built to rust in a year. It's nice because it looks completely different from different angles...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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