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Thread: Pure 'n Gentle Youth Pajama Pants

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    Default Pure 'n Gentle Youth Pajama Pants

    Hi Everyone

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried these and might have a picture of them.

    My favorite diaper is old style white goodnites, and I heard these are like them, but there are no pictures online anywhere. I can't get the CVS brand in Canada, so these are my only hope because I can order them from Sears.

    Thanks a lot!

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    They are not the same as old goodnites. They are pretty similar to curity brand goodnites (look is identical), but I actually like the pure n gentle better. They are granny pantie style, don't absorbe that well, and leak with little effort, but they are more comfortable to wear that just about any other pull up I have ever tried. They are worth a try if you have easy access and like pull up style diapers, but I would stay clear if there is any effort or cost involved in getting them.

    CVS brand is just modern goodnites but white in color. As far as I know no modern product compares to pre trim fit goodnites in softness, look, or feel; so if you want vintage goodnites so badly then try ebay and expect to pay $50+ if they are avaliable at all.

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    [I knew it that I didnt need to post this thread!]I actually have and bought the Pajama Pants most of the time now.

    The review above my post best summarize my experence with them...But one thing I did noticed with these is that they are made by the same company as the Cuddle Ups brand which in my mind makes the best baby diapers...And along with with the Cuddle Ups brand,you can only buy Pajama Pants at Winco I noticed.

    I would post pic but im using my Nintendo 3DS so I cant upload them right now...Oh and these are way more cheaper then the Goodnites[I pay usually $5.99 for 12 at Winco]

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