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Thread: So how long does a diaper last you?

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    Default So how long does a diaper last you?

    There are some of us who diaper up once, have some fun and go on their way. There are some of us who stay diapered for a day, or 24/7 and so on. I had a random question, how long does your diaper last you? Do you change straight away or do you let your diaper last until capacity?

    I'm not usually diapered for too long and when I am it's often with a big drink and a movie or some games. One diaper with quite a bit of drink usually lasts me about 5 hours, how long does a diaper last you?

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    8PM to 6AM on work nights and 8PM to 9AM or so on weekends. There have been exceptions both much shorter and longer but thats the norm for me.

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    Yeah, maybe 9 pm to 7 or 8 am if it's a weekend. Sometimes I'll change when I wake up early in the morning, and sometimes I'll go to bed diapered in the hopes that I'll wet in my sleep. This seldom happens and then I may wet early in the morning. It all depends.

    If I'm playing on a Saturday during the day, I'll wear most of the day and change out before dinner. I wear cloth so they can hold a lot if it's the right diaper.

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    When I wear a double depends fitted brief w 2 stufferss I can usually go for about 6 hours but since purchasing secure x plus I can go for at least 10 hours

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    A teddy bambino will last me from 10pm to 10am the next day usually. I can get a good 4 medium sized wettings out of them on average. Since I only wear for a night and morning, I try to get the most out of it.

    Plastic backed diapers tend to get pretty hot. Actually I start feeling more icky as time goes by in a completely soaked diaper...If I had more time to wear privately (and had more diapers) I'd change as soon as I started feeling icky.

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    Dry 24/7 and and Abena abri-let normal booster lasts overnight and into the next morning. Holds several soakings, never gone beyond 4.5, but it could have held more I'm sure of it.


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    Normally 9PM-8AM, but it depends on when I wet, If I don't wet at night then ill go until later in the morning or until i have to go somewhere

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    I wear 27/7 and I go throught 4 to 5 on adverage change when I feel the depends maximum fitted breif has reached maximum comasaty it all depends on fluid intake usually change every 3 to 4 hours

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    Iv been using diapers for about 40+ years. Im 53 now and I remember ordering cloth diapers from Sears!! Wearing diapers to school once and awhile was only possible by making them from a bath towel, and pinning them into the waist band of my underware. Of course I used a pair of plastic snap-on panties over the diapers, and depending on the thickness of the bath towel I would get through the 6hr school day without a change! The diapers were urine soaked, but they did the job! In the 70's disposable adult diapers were available from Sears, and Wards catalogs but they were so bad that you had to change them right after wetting them or they would leak. Almost all nursing homes still used cloth diapers because the worked so well! Then came a company called Perfect Personal Products of Portland Or. This diaper company had great products. Most all of the diapers were Max absorbency, and at least 30 different types of plastic or rubber pants could be purchased there. I wore them for years and got a full day at school, or work (8+hr's) without a change!! Because they were heavy cloth diapers they were BULKY, but there was no worry about leakage problems sending you home early from school, or work! Now days they have perfected the disposable diaper, and wearing a disposable diaper, with a booster insert pad can give the user 12hr's of protection that cant be beat. Of course they are thick, and the user has to dress around the added bulk of the diapers but its worth it. Returning to work, or school when you have no bladder control at all is now possible with the new adult diapers available at todays medical supply stores. One such diaper is the Dry 24/7. And the Molicare Super Plus. Add a booster pad to these diapers and you will have no problems!! Iv been employed by a nursing home as a laundry aid, and I wore these diapers all day without any leakage problems. They do make that "rustling" sound when you first put a fresh diaper on, but they quiet down as they get wet throughout the day.

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    I wear 24/7. It depends on what I do during the day. Today I've started with a incontence pad. Will change into diaper in the afternoon after I'm done pooing.
    Will change around 9pm when I get ready for bed,then will take off when I getup. It's usally around 7 to 7:30am. I'm usally soaked so it's shower time.

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