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    So, I was wondering, is there anyone else here who is sick of hearing about Adalia Rose? People didn't even know about progeria before she came along, now it's all "AWMAHGERD, SHE HAS A RARE DISEASE, SHE IS FAR SUPERIOR TO OTHER HUMANS!". Yeah, forget the millions of starving kids in Africa, it's all about Adalia! She has it better than any of those starving kids in Africa, yet they're all ignored because "She has a rare disease!". She just gets all of that love because her mother is exploiting her. People don't think she's beautiful, they pity her.


    EDIT: Also, it's sickening how her mother is exploiting her for Facebook likes.

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    I don't know this case, but I know about that decease that she have. It's sad, life can be much bitter sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersam1223 View Post
    Adalia Rose. She has over 2.7 million "Likes" on Facebook from where her parents exploit her and her disease. Then you have all these people comment "SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL ERMAHGERD!" out of pure pity.
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    To honest, she is not beatiful (I really don't want to be mean), but she is not, unless the people was talking about inside beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drwho View Post
    To honest, she is not beatiful (I really don't want to be mean), but she is not, unless the people was talking about inside beautiful.
    Oh yes, she is very beautiful on the inside, *Just like everybody else*. They're talking about her outside because they pity her.

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    Anyway, I am sorry for her problems. This cases of people with rare decease, make us that don't have any health problem valorous our health

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    I think the children in Africa would probably punch whoever used them in an argument.

    Anyways, I don't know who she is. She has a disease, sure, but she's not above anyone because of it. Whoever she is, I don't know her. She's not my friend, she's not a family member, and she's not even an acquaintance.

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    I never heard of her before this at all. It's all been the shooting at the theater, or Romney vs Obama, Libor or "the fiscial cliff".

    2.7 million likes isn't a lot anyhow, thats still maybe what 2-3% of facebook at most.

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    Adalia Rose's Mother (Natalia) - YouTube
    This says it all.
    Carl Sherburne is quite logical.
    Plus he's funny when he wants to be.

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