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Thread: Explain please

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    I don't understand why republicans are so against Obamacare. They're the ones who created the bill in the first place. And really the fact of the matter is; 17 million children can no longer be turned down for health care. Finally we can't own a home or a car without insurance what makes healthcare any different?

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    I don't know much about Obamacare, but it may be because they are forced to purchase health care? I don't know if that's true or not, but I think I may have read something about that not too long ago.

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    I don't live in USA, but by what I know it's seems that Obamacare, would offer free healthcare to people? Or I wrong? I mean, by what I know USA don't have free public healthcare, if you need you have to pay...

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    Generally speaking, despite wide variations on other platforms including marriage rights and gun control (I can assure you that many Republicans are just as eager to take guns out of the hands of poor people as the Democrats are, they're just quieter about their support) Republicans are against spending money. Most neo-conservative Republicans tend to isolate that hatred of spending toward social programs in particular (ie: health care). Truly principled Republicans don't discriminate on what sort of spending is evil, ie: proper conservative Ron Paul.

    What I don't get is how the US spends *dramatically* more on public health care from tax dollars, and you still have to declare bankruptcy just to have a baby. I'm not sure if the health care mandate will solve this, we'll see I suppose.

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    Obamacare is something people don't understand, and as something people don't understand, it's their strongpoint. I think hatred of Obamacare is dying down as people actually start to learn of some of the provisions, which are actually quite popular.

    As for spending, both parties want to spend as much as they can get away with. There are taxcuts and spending set to end this year if congress does nothing. I have a feeling they will come to a "Bipartisan" agreement. The few congressmen against this spending rarely get enough funding.

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    Well it's actually named the Affordable Healthcare Act (not to be confused with the Individual Mandate), thus it's not "Obama-care" as coined by Republicans. I suppose the reason why they're against it is because most are uninformed or just don't want this new act.

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    Everyone is in favor of puppies and icecream for everyone. Except the person(s) stuck with the tab, and those who have to clean up the poop.

    It would be a nice thing if everyone could get any and all medical products and service any time they want, up to and including the most advanced and expensive treatments. The question becomes who pays for it? TANSTAAFL

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    I'm not a fan of it. Granted, I am a Conservative Republican.

    There are parts (very very few) that I agree with but my main concern is the individual mandate. My mother doesn't have healthcare so, since I'm 19, I am off Medicaid and without insurance. I am a college student and while I do have some money, I don't have enough to make my car and insurance payments PLUS >$100 in health insurance. It, for the time being, is cheaper for me to pay the tax. I won't be covered when these new laws come blazing in in 2014. Now tell me, HOW THE FUCK IS THAT "Affordable"?

    From a business perspective, let me share this... My Boss wants to expand our store and hire quite a few people who we would need when he expands it. However, because of the rules that will take effect, he has told us that he won't hire the extra 5 that we need because he would have to shell out insurance for all of us if one person is eligible. He has considered not expanding because of it.

    As Maxx said, TINSTAAFL. I have heard Obama talk about the 'American Promise' of life, happiness, a house, a job.... EXCUSE ME!?!?!? There is no American Promise. There is only an American Dream. We aren't guaranteed anything other than life. Scratch that, forgot trees had souls but unborn children don't.

    The American Dream is just that. Work your way up in the world, get a good job, BUY a house, get married, have 2 1/2 children, and pray that they have it easier than you did. I am an example of overcoming the odds... When I was little, while my parents (when together) made >$200,000, they divorced when I was around 6-8. My mom started her own business and makes ~$20,000 a year. Many people thought I wouldn't make it far because of that alone. However, I graduated high school with a 3.64 GPA, work two jobs, have a 4.0 GPA in college, paying off a car. I am on my way to becoming a teacher! Thus living my dream. If I ever get away from this fetish I'll run for office...

    My point being that you're not guaranteed anything and healthcare shouldn't be guaranteed either.


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    I don't understand why republicans are so against Obamacare.
    The really goofy bit is that the system is a Republican idea from two decades ago. Go figure.

    Truth be told, I think it's a shitty system and rather wish it had been thrown out so that Obama would have to grow a pair of balls and work to get a single-payer system implemented. I'm clearly not a Republican, though.

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    Republicans will denounce ANYTHING Obama does, whether it be a conservative OR liberal act. The Political Parties are so divided, neither will agree/support ANYTHING the other one does. They seem to have removed the word "Bipartisan" from the Dictionary.

    The other part is, Obamacare is actually not a good system. Sure it sounds good in theory, and the idea of giving everyone free healthcare is noble, but once it fully kicks in a few years, people will realize that it isn't all that people have made it out to be, and will create just as many problems as it solves.

    Id also like to quote this for truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Everyone is in favor of puppies and icecream for everyone. Except the person(s) stuck with the tab, and those who have to clean up the poop.

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