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Thread: TV show baggage.

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    Default TV show baggage.

    Hi guys i was watching the Sony channel on our South African satellite TV, and it was hosted by Jerry Springer.

    Anyways a guy dates 3 ladies and there are 3 levels of baggage mild, medium and major baggage.

    It starts with trivial things like who has an imaginary friend, or only eats Asian food and gets more serious....

    Anyways it was down to the final round and i cant exactly remember what the final options were, but it was like this.

    Been to rehab 9 times.
    Paid a thousand dollars to sleep with the cougars.
    Have a diaper fetish.

    Jerry asks the woman whats the worst thing he could have, and she said she couldn't handle the diaper fetish.

    Turns out he slept with the cougars.
    It just shows you what level our baggage is.
    Im actually surprised it made mainstream TV.

    Anyhoo my wife just looked at me, and i laughed.

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    My girlfriend probably wouldn't have known what to pick either.. but either way she DID get option 3.

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    That girl doesn't know what she's missing :P. It's not too surprising though considering Jerry has had one or two episodes on people with diaper fetishes/adult babies.

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    Yeah i was also thinking the shows producers or somebody had to chose that option in the questions given.
    Perhaps one of them is a ABDL?
    I mean she thought of the diaper fetish worse then somebody in and out of rehab 9 times!
    I know somebody like that, and compared with a diaper fetish, its mild.

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