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Thread: Fantastic News!!! ....And a Bit of a Problem!

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    Thumbs up Fantastic News!!! ....And a Bit of a Problem!

    So here is the fantastic news!
    The next time I go to my therapist and psychiatrist I will get my letter of recommendation for hormones from an endocrinologist! I have been in therapy long enough and met all of the requirements for the letter of recommendation, so now all I have to do is go pick it up the next time I go! Itís been such a journey talking both with my therapist and psychologist, really it has been. Iíve learned countless things about myself and about others that Iíve never dreamed of learning. But, most importantly, Iíve learned that for me to be truly happy in my life, I need to become a woman. Well, at least a girl first, then a woman!

    So thereís the fantastic news! But here comes the problem! What on earth do I do with the letters once I have them in my hands?! I know Iím supposed to take them to an endocrinologist, but Iím leaving for college a week or so after my final appointment and Iím flying all the way to Hawaii for college! So should I set up an appointment while Iím still here on the mainland, or wait until I get to Hawaii to set everything up? Another problem is that Iím only 17 still, and will stay 17 until November 20th! But I really really donít want to wait that long for my appointment!

    Any help you all could give me would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you all again.

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    Yes, logistics are going to be a problem. I would suggest waiting until you get to school. If you go to someone at home you will probobly have to go to one appointment, and then explain everything again with your new doctor on the islands. I would check to see if your university has an LGBT center. They would probobly be able to help you find the right contacts.

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    First, Congratulations!!

    If you've got your letter of approval I would think that means you don't have to wait until you're 18, but you might want to check the state laws in Hawaii about it. And, I would wait til you get to Hawaii. Once you start you'll need regular checkups with your endo and it's better to keep the same one if you can. Also if your state allows you to change your gender on your birth certificate, as we can do here in the UK, keep all your letters. They are valuable as evidence for the hearing to get that changed.

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    Ohh...Hawaii. Sounds awesome going to Hawaii for college. How did ya arrange for that?

    For the question at hand: I'd wait until you're settled in Hawaii. You'll probably need loads of medical help and attention when you start the therapy, and you really don'T want to deal with transferring information from one doctor to the other and having treatment plans from different places.


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    That's fantastic news! It has been a long process so far, but the journey is far from over. Your friends here, and the LGBT community at college, will be looking out for you.We're all wishing for your success and happiness as you grow into your new persona.

    As Peachy said, you'll need to have the guidance of the medical and counseling community while you get going, and it's better that you start off and continue with the same set. When you go back to Maryland for summer break, you will be established with your routines and can simply bring along your treatment plan to show to doctors if you need to. Then going back to college in the fall you take up again where you left off.

    I'm so happy to hear that you are getting to actually do it!

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    I don't know how familiar you are with the standards of care. There is a new version
    It has substantial changes in it's recommendations.
    One thing to remember is you are in charge and responsible for your own care and understanding the risks and benefits are part of that.
    For those mot familiar there are serious risks involved in HRT (hormone replacement) that can for some lead to death I know one doctor who has witnessed this. Those that chose to engage in this with out the hep of a competent endocrinologist are at greater risk.
    If you have difficulty in finding a therapist or an endo PM me and I may be able to help.

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