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Thread: New little sissy ballerina!

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    Red face New little sissy ballerina!

    Hi all sweet ABs... I'm a 30 yo male and I've been a sissy little girl since I was a child. I love wearing diapers and I've been wearing them for 8 years. Of course I love doing all activities little girls do, like playing with dollies, tea parties and of course I love having ballet classes wearing cute ballet clothes over my diapie. I'm very lucky because I'm tall, more or less like a 10-11 y.o. little girl so I can perfectly wear most of cute little girls' clothes/dresses/skirts and shoes. For example I've got two long sleeved pink pajamas: one Barbie's and one Winx's fairies

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    Hello little ballerina.
    Different people have different histories of being little, in your instance a little girl and mine runs for the same kind of length, like it never went away and I write about my little side on my blog (see my profile).
    It's nice to hear you love playing with dollies, tea parties and ballet. Do you have a favourite ballet you love to see?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanneChan View Post
    Do you have a favourite ballet you love to see?
    Yeah, of course one of my fav ballet is the Swan Lake but I like also The Nutcracker. "Barbie and the Nutcraker" is also one of my fav Barbie's episode
    Well I love the feeling of being a sweet and helpless little girl wearing the most girly clothes and shoes
    Thanks for your suggestion: I'll go to read your blog...

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