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Thread: if diapers were like eyeglasses...

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    Default if diapers were like eyeglasses...

    ... i mean, if they were a standard and socially accepted thing that some people wear and others don't, what a world it would be.

    i work in an office responsible for keeping records on about 250 people. each person who wears glasses has a special spare pair inside their record folder, or has it signed out to themselves to keep at home. i'm inventorying records right now and sending a lot of e-mails. i ask people "i can't tell from your record - do you wear glasses?" and/or "it looks like you wear glasses, but your spare pair is not signed out or in your record - can you confirm that you have them?" and all of that is fine. nobody's embarrassed at the question.

    what if diapers were like that? "hey, in your record it looks like you wear diapers, please stop by to fill out a baggage voucher for the extra box you'll take with you when you travel..." :-) and it would be totally factual and not embarrassing or even in any way negative.

    are any of you at that level of comfort with your diaper need/habit/hobby?

    p.s. pair of glasses = 1, pair of pants = 1, pair of underwear = 1... pair of diapers = 2?

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    I see what your getting at its a nice concept but i think the glasses is a bit of a silly comparison as they are worn for a medical reason :P as opposed to diapers which if not for incontinence are for pure pleasure regardless if hobby/lifestyle/fetish.
    Because of that it makes it hard to compare them logically.

    Though it would be nice perhaps where lifestyles of many different kinds or or hobby's where accepted to due society becoming more liberally accepting of of certain things but thats a bit in the future though :P

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    That WOULD be quite a world lol. I mean technically I'm at that level of comfort with my hobby since my friends always remind me to take an extra diaper if im wearing one on a long trip or on a day out (im not IC or anything, it just makes me feel more like a kid) But I think it would be pretty cool if diapers were as regular as glasses, but at the same time I think it would take some of the thrill away. idk :P Would we associate diapers with something that is babyish if they were a normal fashion thing in general? Would there be only DLs instead of AB/DLs? I mean there would be ABs (just like now) who dont wear diapers, but what about ABDLs? ABs who wear diapers and like the babyish effect it gives. I think in a world where diapers were socially accepted as another form of underwear would maybe diminish the babyish effect diapers have on ABDLs, though it would be a cool concept lol

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    With diapers it's a more of a personal issue rather than a pair of eyeglasses in which they're exposed to the world unlike the diaper. There's just so much that goes into that topic.

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