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Thread: Abandoned Places & Urban Exploration, Part 3

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    Default Abandoned Places & Urban Exploration, Part 3

    Since this thread is closed & the one before it is too,

    I thought about bringing it back, again, as we have new members joining every day & some of them might like this topic, as I do & want to talk about it!! What is your opinion of such a topic? What are your views of abandoned places? Do you look at them as an eyesore & that they must be torn down right away or do you think more in depth about them?

    Like with a house; who lived there, what did they do, what were they like, was it a family or just a single person? Or like with a business; what did they do, what was it like there when opened, during it's prime how busy was it?

    With an amusement park; how many people came there during the day, did the families have fun & were fond memories made there, what was it like there when it was full of people & the rides were all going?

    I ask this, due to finding a ton of videos on YouTube on this very subject & how it kind of drew me in!! While they can be creepy, it is very interesting to see a mall or a Six Flags that once was very busy, completely empty & eerily quiet!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icey View Post
    What is your opinion of such a topic?
    I'm not particularly interested in having my various online identities fused together by a post on ADISC, so suffice it to say I've done a lot of UE-ing since my early college days and am still semi-active. These days it's all on the up-and-up, but for many years I was massively hooked on "draining" (exploring drains and sewers) and other forms of "urban spelunking," some of which were dangerous and... well... not things you want to get caught doing! I'm now quite happy to just look at others' pictures.

    However, if I end up in Kiev anytime soon, I will absolutely be paying for a guided tour of Pripyat and the Chernobyl exclusion zone. That's on my "bucket list" in a big way. I know some people will view that as exploitative, but I don't see it that way at all. Talk about a place with an incredible story! I've read every book I can get my hands on.

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    If you are wondering what this topic is all about or want more info on it, this site below is a great resource on it & how to treat places the right way when exploring them!!

    Opacity - Abandoned Photography and Urban Exploration

    The guy that runs the site, Mr. Motts, is an outstanding photographer & knows how to capture images of the sites he goes to, inside & out!! A lot of the places he goes to, are really neat & he gives a lot of them his own names, protecting the real names of them so people who want to find them just to do harm to those places, can't find them without looking real hard!! That to me, is wonderful & it allows the sites to be with us a little longer!!

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    I like exploring different abandoned places.

    I happen to live about 15 minutes from an abandoned American military base. There are a lot of places to explore. Some of them are pretty freaky though.


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    There are a lot of those places on a military base, Ronbeast & they were even freaky before they were abandoned!! Hospitals are uncomfortable enough to be in as a visitor when they are open & full of life, when they are no longer that way & have started to decay, it is just plain eerie & scary to be in them!!

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    I used to live near an abandoned insane asylum and have been through there quite a lot.

    I really like looking at photographs of abandoned places, particularly government facilities.
    There's also a great video called .

    edit: just accidentally came across with the same explorer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wisdomtooth View Post
    There's also a great video called .
    First online doc I've watched without stopping once. Nice find.

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    Default Abandoned Places & Urban Exploration, Part 3

    I guess this is kinda related... I really find "one inhabitant" towns interesting. You know, like towns where everyone has left but like 1 or 2 people...

    I saw a documentary on tv about it a while back and it was intriguing, especially how most of the places used to be bustling boom towns but eventually declined down to nothing :/

    The concept of being your own mayor is cool too ;D

    One lady who was the sole inhabitant of her town owned a tavern and had to grant her own liquor license! O_O

    She had to make a road and streetlight funding plan every year too... For like 3 lights lol

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    As a kid, one of my most treasured possessions was a book called "Forgotten Town of Southern New Jersey". Amazon has re-issued that book and I bought a copy last year. The title of my novel has one of those forgotten towns in it's name. Once I got my drivers license, I would go and find some of these forgotten towns. Often there were only the outlines of foundations where houses once stood. I've used that in my novel as well.

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    I flipped on Nat geo's channel and saw a pop-up add for a new series called "Abandoned". Anyways I just looked it up on their website and its not what I or you would think. Pretty much it's like American pickers but they go to abandoned places and just rip stuff out or remove stuff from the property to sell off..

    Abandoned - National Geographic Channel

    Pretty much it's the last thing any person that like's this sort of stuff would do. Hopefully it doesn't catch on, then we might see a rise of people trying to break into abdandoned places for personal gains.

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