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Thread: Aaaand that's why you don't use the wrong email..

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    Default Aaaand that's why you don't use the wrong email..

    So I was ordering from a paysite today (Won't go into that as to not break any rules) and I ended up using the wrong email extension. Used .com instead of As a result I didn't get the details I needed via email. What's even worse is that I accidentally close the transaction page so lost my only link to the purchase - the transaction number!!!!

    And guess what's even even EVEN worse?! Due to typing in the wrong details last time my card got blacklisted from this site. I had arranged to use a parents card and give them the cash.

    Anyway, I made the mistake of explaining that the money might not get taken out and now a bunch of questions are being asked. My mum already knows and accepts me but my dad is not someone I feel should know about this. I love him a ton but he's pretty judgemental of some people.

    Anyway, now I'm at a point where I've made this one mistake and BAM my brain throws out the worse of what could happen.

    I'm hoping I can just sort this out via customer service and perhaps lose out on some cash by just giving him the money to hush him up or.....


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    Not sure about all the particulars, but if this hits home, try to deal with you mom, and maybe she can head off your dad, keeping things discreet.

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    Email the person who owns that email you typed by mistake and ask them to forward you the email. Don't get into specifics about what you ordered, just say "oops! I made an order and used your email by mistake, can you send me a copy?"


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