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Thread: Scared to go #2

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    Default Scared to go #2

    So I have been indulging in DLism for about 9 months now I would expect. I recently finished my second larger batch of adult diapers. And I promised to myself I would try messing in one of the last lot. I lied to myself :'( I have just got my third lot and I was hoping for some tips / tricks / gentle encouragement to try it. I know its not for all but I would like to try before deciding atleast. [removed] Confuzzled!:screwy:
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    You're 18. If you hadn't already pooped thousands of times by now, you would have exploded. You know how to poop, now its just a matter of not taking your pants off first.

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    The first time is probably the toughest. It gets way easier after that.

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    Took me actually needing to go so bad it hurt first time I diaper ed up for 4 days straight and couldn't poop myself it wasn't very pleasurable and the clean up is a ***** i decoded there and then it wasn't for me doing it naturally, I suggest eating a bunch of bananas to loosen you up, although it will make the clean up even harder

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    First time is indeed always the toughest.
    I wasn't planning to do #2 today, and I did it on the toilet this morning.
    But I didn't know I got diarrhea this afternoon, and when I wanted to release some gas.. you know what happend.
    So today I didn't even wanted to, but it just happend.

    I hate the clean up part, but just hold your breath and go take a shower, and throw the diaper away asap!

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    Sometimes it just happens....

    Every seen a toddler go poop in a diaper ... They squat!

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    It's just like going on the toilet. Ultimately, it's just a matter of relaxation. Let your body relax, especially after a wetting I find, and if there is anything in there you will become aware of the pressure. At that point it is just a matter of doing what you normally do on the toilet. Relaxing can be tough when you are nervous. Just remember, your diaper will hold it and aside from a few minutes of wiping and a shower afterward there is no real issue.

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    I was trying to pee the other day in one of my diapers I ended up messing instead and to be honest I wasnt pushing that hard, was my first diaper though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfkforever View Post
    I was trying to pee the other day in one of my diapers I ended up messing instead and to be honest I wasnt pushing that hard, was my first diaper though!
    I ended up messing my first too (or was it second?). Like I said, once you let your body relax, especially during a wetting, it's easy to feel that need. Almost every time I've messed I did so without originally planning to. I'd just feel the need after a large wetting and decide to go the whole way.

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    As long as your using proper adult diapers and not squeezing into baby diapers then your all set! Just lie on your back and pull your feet up by your bum then you can open your legs to make it easier then go for it, I'd recommend wetting first though otherwise you may find yourself peeing too rapidly and flooding the diaper when your sure you've done all you can then you can sit up and let it squish! You'll know if your gonna like it right about then! I'd also recommend staying in it for about half an hour, long enough to enjoy it, not long enough to get any real irritation!

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