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Thread: Little Help Please

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    Default Little Help Please

    Heya Furs, i myself am not a baby fur, i just wondered if anyone could explain to me what a fur is?

    And, what make you enjoy it so much

    I have been trying to figure it out lately :p


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    I'm not a fur, but I was referred off to Here when I asked the same question.

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    thanks, but i think it would be more accurate if an actual Fur would explain it to me :p

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    A fur is someone that want to be an animal, but still have human features, like being able to walk in two legs, having hands, able to speak, ect. (I really don't have the time to go into details)

    Hmmm, I enjoy it, as it makes me feel whole inside. LIke some people feel like they are more like an animal or that they bond better with animals that humans. Or for a comfort thing...

    there are lots of reasons.....
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    there are varying different reasons that someone may be considered a furry. Many, like myself are in it for the art (and smutty stories >_>) Others are more into it for the conventions and fursuitng. Still more believe that there is an actual animal spirit inside them.

    Never really got that last one.

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    The last one's based around the theory of reincarnation. Some think that they prepared to take the form of an animal, but failed to incarnate as such (sort of an, "oops, i missed" moment). It could also be your soul remembering a past life, or anticipation for a coming life.

    You'd have to believe in reincarnation to believe in having an animal soul, but it's a widespread belief.

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    To still others (not my personal case but a friend's) they merely want the socializing part, and the label of "furry". Being included into that social group makes'em feel good.

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    I also wonder what it is to be a furry, I know many people who do art work featuring furries (is that the correct term?).

    One of my friends infact does drawings of furries, not baby/littlefurs (I don't know they might do) but I have seen them draw loads of fantasic artwork to do with furries, I suppose they could well be one themselves I've never asked.

    I don't know whether or not I would offend them if I asked about their artwork or furries, I just like to appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalloon View Post
    I also wonder what it is to be a furry, I know many people who do art work featuring furries (is that the correct term?).

    I think the term furries applies to members of the furry fandom itself ,i.e "I am a furry", 'Anthropomorphic animals', i.e "He was drawing anthro... animals." would be the word to define the subject of the art itself.

    No doubt it's all subjective as most things in the furry fandom are.

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