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Thread: Feeling lonely :(

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    Unhappy Feeling lonely :(

    Don't know why I have suddenly turned like this, considering everything has been fine today but I have just had an episode where I feel so lonely.

    I was very badly bullied at my 6th form and I only had one friend who has now moved on. Also added that for the last 8 years or so, I have been to numerous boarding schools and colleges which means I have no friends that live close to me. Added I always find it difficult to make new friends due up my autism makes it almost twice as hard to deal with.

    I speak to my boyfriend a lot on Skype (long distance relationship) but he is away this week so I suddenly feel so alone, although I seem to go through cycles of loneless and depression and in a few hours I'll be fine.

    How have people in my predicament dealt with feelings like this. I am always open to talk if people want too. Just need a cheer up right now. Xx

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    Aww, I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I was feeling very lonely last night. It was pretty bad. I blame my friend...who started talking about her crush and stuff. It pretty much made me feel like crap. I was really down. I am also open to talk, if anyone ever needs or wants to.

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    After I finished high school I fell out of contact with my school friends. I've made some friends online (including my wonderful girlfriend) but I wish that I had someone that I could actually talk to :/

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    Perhaps it's a seasonal thing, I've had much the same experience of late - I was all fine and dandy until about 2 weeks ago when I realized I was living in a city that I moved to with my ex, and have managed to make no platonic connections outside of work. I'm blessed to live with my wonderful girlfriend, but like many long term relationships, our differences outweigh our similarities when it comes to interests, so I end up pining for a friend to just hang out with and talk about stuff of mutual interest.

    There's a whole site of people here to talk to though, I'm still new to these parts, but it seems like a relatively friendly place. Maybe you can fill the void by posting in some of the threads kicking around.

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    I am always open to taking to new people, especially on adisc, I guess my shyness sometimes gets in the way.

    Today I feel a lot better. I've exchanged some emails from my boyfriend and I feel great. Been going to the gym to try and pass the time.

    No doubt I'll have my ups and downs this week but for today, I feel great

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