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    Just wondering for all of you that live in melbourne australia, (hoping there is some of you ><) are their any diapers other then tena and depends that you buy from a store? I use depends and they are just so horrible and want to step up..

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    Well I don't live in Melbourne, but do live in Australia!

    Tena Slip Maxi is really your best bet if you only want to buy from stores, although some stores stock Molicares if you're lucky Though that does limit your choice alot.

    If you go online you have easy access to Abena, Molicare, Wellness etc.

    Really even if you live at home all you need to do is go for registered post and track it right to your mailbox/post office

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    Try Independence australia they have a site and do free shipping. Plus as an added bonus you can actually visit most of there warehouses and buy direct

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