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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm "Firstname" (I never use my real name until I have corresponded privately long enough with someone to feel comfortable sharing that!). I'm an RN for 26 years, and in working with incontinent elders, I came across the AB/DL sites while doing research to find decent diapers that won't leak everywhere. Y'all have great information, so THANK YOU to everyone!! I have patients and families to whom I have been able to pass on very helpful information, and have been thanked, which I want to pass back to the community. Again, Thanks!

    While reading the boards, I came to realize that I am somewhat of an AB sometimes. I also have to do CIC (clean intermittent cathing) due to paruresis and anxiety with urinary retention. It came to me that maybe wearing a diaper sometimes would give me the "privacy" of not having anyone hear me go, which might help with cutting down on the number of times I have to self-cath. Again, due to helpful info I have found here, I have found that wearing does help a lot. It isn't something I'm interested in doing 24/7, I just want to cut down on self-cathing, and maybe sometimes "baby myself" when I'm home alone. I had no idea that such a culture even existed before starting diaper research for my patients!

    I love to read, biographies, mysteries, some horror/thriller stuff, religious works, medical texts, and just about anything I can get my hands on! I'm musical; I play cello and sing, although due to arthritis in my hands I now sing much more than I play my cello. I do not enjoy exercise but I try to force myself to do a little bit...I'm mostly vegetarian with occasional (2-3 times a month) chicken or fish, and even less of red meat. I love to talk and learn about healthy eating and share recipes. I'm homeschooling my son, which we both really enjoy.

    Nice to meet y'all!


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    Hi Lili, welcome to ADISC! I like your username

    That's really cool that you're a nurse, I'm actually about to start nursing school at the end of August at my college I, too, love to read. I also used to play several musical instruments, and took voice lessons, but that was all back in grade school-high school. Singing's great fun, though. What kind of music do you like singing best? I've always favored musical theatre, myself

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    Hi! I've had two voice lessons. :-) I like singing religious classical music the most, as that fits my voice and my interests best. I'll happily sing along with whatever is on the radio, too! My son likes classical music since he's heard it all his life, but he also likes Muse, which he has has really gotten me into, and I love belting along with Queen!
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    Lili: First off, welcome to ADISC! Thanks for sharing so much. I've been into ABDL since I was 20, and am a daddy, though I do have an occasional interest in wearing.
    I'm Sebastian, and as of January 2012, I'm based at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, where I'm in grad school in my 1st year studying to become a high school teacher
    I love to read as well, especially modern and contemporary American and Russian literature, modern and contemporary American poetry, academic texts on linguistics and literary theory. Prior to moving back to Stockholm (I was raised here) I was at the Department of American Studies at the University of Sussex as a grad researcher working on my PhD before I quit after a year due to financial circumstances, and fears of employability as a newly qualified academic. Music is a second major interest; I write music, play the piano and synthesizers, and have taught myself the drums for nearly a decade. I also write poetry, and exercise through hiking and bike rides. I've been vegetarian since I was 20, and I enjoy discussing and learning about healthy eating and sharing recipies. Vegetarian food is way underrated.

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