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Thread: Sudden, Strange & Now Confused! What is going on with me?

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    Exclamation Sudden, Strange & Now Confused! What is going on with me?

    Hi, I am a "normal" 54 yr. old heterosexual male finding myself in a bit of an unexpected situation and would welcome any feedback your forum members have to offer.

    Diagnosed with early stages of prostate cancer I recently had successful prostate removal surgery. *In preparation of the anticipated incontinence I started to become familiar with adult diapers, which apparently "triggered something inside me" previously unknown to me, as I found them arousing to wear. *Fortunately I am one of the lucky few who is only experiencing the occasional stress-related leakage but then this is where strange gets even more weird for me.
    Those familiar with this prostate surgery procedure know that once the prostate is removed you can have dry orgasms (which i can have) as you cannot ejaculate anymore. However, it seems somewhere in my mind I have begun replacing ejaculating with urinating as I find it very sensually/sexually gratifying to fantasize about my girlfriend and having it lead to my wearing a diaper and wetting myself. *There is no erection or orgasm...just a very gratifying experience. *I discussed this with my girlfriend who complimented my brave honesty and she feels it maybe something I am *doing while in the transition stages of not being able to ejaculate and awaiting the gradual return of healthy erections which is part of the recovery process. *Although it doesn't turn her on she says if this is something that helps me get my sexuality issues back on track she understands it and has no issues. *She says it could be that I am finding a sexual release in a way that my body is able to function right now. As far as the diaper, she feels I probably find it arousing in the way that it feels around my man parts. *I am not interested in the "being babied thing" and I am not of a needy personality that likes others to take care of me. *I am usually the caregiver and the"rock", so to speak. **So this is my dilemma...anyone ever hear of these behaviors? The sudden liking for wearing *a diaper and then the wetting/sensual thing? *Will appreciate any feedback. *Thank you

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    I suspect there has been no response so far because none of us have experienced this. We are made up of two groups, those who wear diapers because they get some sort of gratification from them, and those who wear because they are genuinely incontinent. There is some crossover between those two groups as this is an AB/TB/DL support site. Though I have never experienced what you have, I did have back surgery years ago and for a while, I had to catheterize myself because the nerve damage made it impossible for me to urinate on my own. I also could not get an erection nor did I have any sexual stimulation/response. During that time, I may have thought about diapers, but I had little interest in wearing.

    You're case is somewhat the opposite of that. I suspect that my guess will be similar to others on this site because we are for the most part, stimulated by wearing diapers. So here's my guess. It's possible that somewhere in the recesses of your subconscious you may enjoy wearing diapers in the same way that we do. Among our group who enjoy diapers there are two divisions, those who derive sexual gratification and satisfaction from wearing diapers, and those for who it is not sexual. They derive a sense of peace and comfort.

    My suggestion is that you wear and enjoy and see where it goes. If it becomes more enjoyable, and when your ability to climax returns, you may have a better idea as to how you feel about diapers. Stay on this site and read the threads. They will be informative to you as to how this desire affects us, and it will help you to better understand our feelings which may translate to your feelings. I hope this helps. I know it's imcomplete.

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    Hi, Fran58. Welcome and thanks for posting.

    Good luck on your recovery. You have a wonderful, thoughtful girlfriend and that will help you as you get back to where you were pre-surgery.

    I've never heard of that behavior, but I think I can relate to what you're feeling. Feeling sexual gratification in a way that is not typical, either to society or to yourself, is something that is very challenging to understand and accept. That's why many of us are here on this site. For me, the biggest challenge I've dealt with is the ability to accept something that seems odd, that feels like something I should not like. I also have a wonderful, understanding partner and it help immensely to share with her. I've learned to like what I like, for lack of a more eloquent statement.

    The best advice I could give to you is that you should not fight your body. If it feels good, embrace it. And, by all means, share your thoughts and feelings -- all of them -- with your girlfriend. Put a positive spin on it. You are 54 years old and feeling something for the first time. How lucky is that? Yes, absolutely, it's something different and you'll feel embarrassed and clumsy as you share your feelings and learn about yourself, but if you are true to yourself you will come out of this all the richer for it.

    We've been there. We support you. Lean on us.

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    Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

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    Thanks for your feedback !

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