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Thread: Deleted Items On Your Computer.

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    Default Deleted Items On Your Computer.

    Hi Adisc'ers

    I'm not too sure where to put this... I just joined this website and the first blog I saw was by a user called SkarTiger. I could not see a way to reply to the blog which sucks but :

    The blog concerned a parent using their laptop, when the computer was returned material had been deleted, also their "recycle" was emptied

    **warning** never ever think your data is gone when this happens, it's just hidden! always remember that.

    Getting Back Deleted FIles
    Free Pandora File Recovery - Find and recover deleted files of any type. This program is free, and pretty good at getting back files that have been deleted, so long as it was deleted via trash, and not deleted with a secure deleting program,

    Secure Deleting Software
    Should you wish to trade-in your laptop, throw it out, give it to a friend (you will no longer have control of the system) You will want to delete your files esp *B/DL things. Eraser is a program which, when used correctly puts your data past the point where programs like pandora can recover it.

    I just wanted to say this, I hope the writter of the blog sees it, as it's a shame to have them think that they can't get their data back when they can.

    thanks for reading

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    Only EC+ users can reply to blogs
    Thank you so much! *kneels down* I am forever in your debt.......
    Thank you!!

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    Heh, I'm aware that these programs exist, though I was cautious to go looking for them myself, as these are exactly the type of software that hackers will imitate to get malicious software onto your computer.

    Thanks for the links.

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    hey Skar,

    No worries, I hope you can get back most of your data.

    Someother tips: (assuming you use windows)

    1. Password your account on the laptop, and enable the guest account.
    (This way you can hit logout hand over the computer and the other persion is using guest, so they can't use your account or get to your files)

    2.A password on a windows account is not very secure, any one can get past it, so what you need to do is download some other programs to keep your data safe.
    The daddy of these is TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux but it's a little involved for some users, it lets you create passworded drives which require passwords, all the data in encrypted.

    a basic way of doing this is keeping files in winzip folders which you can password.

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    I would add, some USB drives come with encryption software built-in these days. My Sandisk USB drive has this, and at no extra cost to any of the other USB drives I looked at.

    I don't keep anything... like that on it, but maybe I should, just to live life on the edge?

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    For Mac OS users I should also suggest using the built in FileVault feature as in Lion it encrypts the whole boot volume. Resetting the standard admin user password can be done without startup disks in about 30 seconds of or less. FileVault negates that.

    Having a bootable volume on SD card or USB key is also a very good way of securing data, especially those disks that contain their own encryption feature.
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    True Crypt allows you to encrypt a USB drive, The built in software which comes with scandisk is ideal to stop snooping friends and parents, It will not stop anyone who realy wants to read what is on that drive.

    I also can't stress enough the need not to use words in your password for example:

    1 password (would be cracked instantly)
    2 Password
    4 P4assw*rd (would take about 3days for a home pc to crack)
    5$%^&*() would be a about a month etc,

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    Linux Users :

    Shouldn't really need any help right? I mean if your using linux, no one is going to borrow your console

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    Again, thank you very much
    I do use windows, I'm going to see if that works tomorrow and then put my stuff on my external hard drive, encrypt it and hide it somewhere.

    I hope I get it back, that was a lot of effort trying to conjour up.
    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoleModel View Post
    Linux Users :

    Shouldn't really need any help right? I mean if your using linux, no one is going to borrow your console
    Okay I lol'd.

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