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    Hey, so Does anybody know what AB/DL supply stores are friendly with sending through USPS so that you can have it shipped to a Post Office box. I know that some of them only ship through services like UPS or Fedex etc, which can't drop off at a post office. I thought it would be useful to have a list.

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    Most will but at extra cost. XP Medical offers free Fed-X case shipping but USPS is like $30. You can have Fed-X hold at their nearest terminal if their not too far for you.

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    Tyger look for a store that rents mailboxes. Like the ups store or pakmail.

    I use the latter and have a street address, packages are signed and held for me. This it's my business address where I fet my normal mail too.

    The guy who owns my store also faxes for free for his mailbox holders, I get 10% off shipping, I can even meet clients there, and have had clients drop off their payments and had it put in my box (i run a dj business)

    All for 10 a month

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    As diapernh recommended, I went and got a UPS box as opposed to a typical post office box upon moving to Seattle. The difference in service is remarkable! I recieve an email when a package shows up and there has not once been a line when I go by to pick it up. They receive and sign for packages from all carriers, as well, and stow them safely until you are ready to retrieve them. This works because the box is considered a physical address, as opposed to simply a mailing address, like those pertaining to post office boxes.

    However, you pay for it: $240 for a full year, paid up-front, and that only pertains to the smallest box they offer. (The size of the box didn't matter to me since I don't get much letter mail and the size doesn't change the procedure for retrieving packages.) Luckily, I signed up when they were also offering three free additional months.

    So, if you have the cash, I would say go for a UPS box. I believe you have to be 18 (not an issue for you) and they require two forms of government approved ID to seal the deal. Not cheap, but I am very happy with the route I took.

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    I'm not sure which stores will ship to P.O. Boxes, but I wrote an article a while back on shipping options. It might be of use to you:

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    Thanks, I'll have to check out what ups options are for here.

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