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Thread: Neighbor drying my diapers

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    Default Neighbor drying my diapers

    I wash my diapers at night usually because no one is using the washer and dryer at night and I have more privacy that way so no one wouldn't have to see them. But sometimes at night people use them and last night someone was using the dryer but not the washer. My diapers needed to be washed because the bucket was full. So I bring them down to the basement, dump them all in the washing machine, put in the soap and put quarters in the machine and turn it on.

    Then I go back up to my apartment and shower and watch my movie, I decide to go back down to the basement and put my diapers in the dryer. But someone was down there and I heard the fan on. I don't go down there and I stay upstairs and wait. Then I heard the dryer going again when I checked. But I decide to go down there and check it anyway and see my diapers are not in the washer anymore nor on top of the dryer and they were in the dryer. I thought it was very strange. Why would someone want to dry them for me? Then after they were done drying, I took them out and brought them back to my apartment and hung them up so they can dry rest of the way. I could have put in my own quarters so they dry again so they are fully dry but I didn't.

    What would you do if you were in this situation? Would you leave quarters down there for the person because they used theirs to dry yours or just not leave any down there and take advantage of the situation because hey you didn't have to pay to get your diapers dried?
    Even if I did leave them down there, someone else could have still taken the quarters and the person who dried the diapers would not have gotten their money back.

    Also why do you suppose someone would dry my diapers for me?
    This has also happened with our clothes too in the past.

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    That sounds like a nice and good person. Wounder if something is going to ask you about it or something.

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    So how many people use the washingmachine and the drier ? do you live in a multi occupancy home ?

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    There are ten apartment units and we all share the washer and dryer in the basement.

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    Sounds like someone did you a favour. If they were concerned about the money they probably wouldn't have turned the dryer on.

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    Dammit that happens to me all the time, they even fold em...........

    Seriously someone isn't going to wash your cloth nappies for you, nice thought though..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    Dammit that happens to me all the time, they even fold em...........

    Seriously someone isn't going to wash your cloth nappies for you, nice thought though..........
    This doesn't sound ridiculous at all, and this is extremely unhelpful and brings nothing to this conversation.

    They likely just figured they had room, they may as well dry what was in the washer as well. It's something I would do if I was feeling nice at the time. I assume the washer was stopped, and they just had room in their dryer, why not do a favour of your neighbours.

    I wouldn't leave any money down there for them, or anything, it was just a gesture of kindness that while you should be grateful requires no reply. Maybe pass it on to someone else if in a similar situation

    Or as the movie says... "Pay it Forward!"

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    They probably dried them for you so they could get their own clothing done. I know some people that work don't have much time so they would rather pay to get yours done and out of the way so they can finish theirs.

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    I have lived in many dorms and other residences that share washers and driers. The thing that I am keying in on here, is that you were not very respectful (the way it looks to me, no offense meant) and decided to shower and watch a movie before even considering to check on your load. That is about 2.5 hours that your laundry was unattended, approx. 1.75 hours that it was occupying the washer and not allowing other residents to use the machine.

    I will grant that what they did was kind, and they probably thought they were towels anyway. But I think you got lucky. I have seen many loads removed from a machine and "kindly" placed in a corner out of the way so others may continue to use the machine. The act of generosity someone bestowed upon you may have been driven out of frustration of your load sitting there for over an hour while they kindly waited. Strive to pay more attention to your time in the machines!

    Of course, I have know idea what kind of machines these are or what the average wash times are, so all my above opinions are very subjective! It just seems that you should have been able to complete a wash/dry cycle in the amount of time it takes to shower and watch a movie.

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