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    Default I might be back...

    After a year of inactivity, I have, for some odd reason, spontaneously typed into my address bar and decided to just browse my past. Don't get me wrong, you see all those things under my name over there to the left of the page? I'm still all that, if not more so. I just left the site as I was overwhelmed with certain people and a few sketchy mods, neither of which will be named.

    A lot has happened. I've left the custody of my mom to live with my friends parents, whom have become my official foster parents. I met a little tranny FTM here named Smeath. (snivelingsmithsboy here) I met him IRL this summer. We have been dating for nearly a year now.

    Just thought I'd see if any of my friends still existed. Hey, if you used to know me, remind me. I may have forgotten, sorry. If you didn't know me, feel free to say hi!

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    Hi. Although I'm too young to have know you, by all means resume here if you are able to and you're feeling it may help.

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    Hey, welcome back! It sounds like quite a lot has gone on for you over the last year eh, and it sounds like it's been for the better! I recall the situation between you and your mother getting pretty rough before you left, so it's good to see you've managed to get out of that situation.

    So yeah, I suspect you'll find things pretty much how you left them here, so I'm sure you'll have a good time.

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    Hiiiiiii. You said to say hi so i did

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    Welcome back to adisc Teddyhugs. I wish you the best in life.

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    Welcome back Teddyhugs, good to see you back on the site. We posted on the orphanage RP with a few others but don't worry if you can't remember. Don't hesitate if you need to talk about anything .

    Welcome back again

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