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Thread: Super Dry Kids diapers temporary Out of Stock!!!

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    Unhappy Super Dry Kids diapers temporary Out of Stock!!!

    I've noticed that the Super Dry Kids diapers have only been available in the sample pack because AB Universe doesn't have enough SDKs to be made, shelved, and sold. Also recently, I've found that they have starting selling the SDKs in small size, and they are also in very limited quantity. I don't know when they'll restock on the Super Dry Kids because I really want to get 10 of those for my first diapers. However, I've heard that the Cushies are supposed to be as good as the SDKs due to their similar characteristics like absorbency, thickness, etc. Will I just have to go along with the Cushies until AB Universe restocks the SDKs?

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    The cushies have the exact same chassis as the SDK's just with a different print. The plastic backing on the SDK's have a slight sea-green tint to them though.

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    Ohh man. I hope they are able to get them back. The SDK's are my favorite. They are just like the last plastic backed pampers, before they switched to cloth. It's the diaper that got me started. Well sort of. I'd been interested in diapers for awhile, but those were the first that I could buy on my own; since I was old enough to go to a store alone.

    But yeah, the Cushies are just as good. Just a different pattern on them. I really need to reorder them. I'm getting low on my diapers.

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    I must have got the last 2 cases... lol When I saw that the mediums were down to 10 pcks & 2pcks only... I hurried up and ordered 2 cases of Large cuz I knew they would soon run out as well... whew! But yeah... I agree the cushies are pretty much the same diaper just a different print... I share with a couple other ab/dl friends in my area, so I try to keep a decent stash on hand for those random hang outs... they normaly restock within a few weeks, and the SDK's are a top seller I do beleive, so they should be back soon.

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    Hey folks!! I'm ready to give an update about the Out of Stock situation. I've talked to AB Universe's customer service about this today and one of the operators told me that the Super Dry Kids diapers will be restocked in 5 to 6 weeks. I apologize to the adult babies who love SDKs for the inconvenience.

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