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Thread: TENA Super Briefs

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    Default TENA Super Briefs

    Got these and I have to tell you they're great.

    They are cloth lined and while I prefer the plastic backed diapers, they are SUPER POOFY and extremely absorbent. I soaked one about four times without disaster. Although they do have a very quiet crinkle to them, they are great for going out in public as they don't make much noise. They also have the velcro tabs that can be adjusted anytime you want. ---> Great for taking off and putting back on again.

    Just a super convenient and dependable disposable diaper.

    Has anyone else tried these? What did you think?

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    My premium supply of diapers is getting low, so I was thinking of buying some cheap diapers to make them last longer. Are these really good? How do they compare to Depends Max Protection?

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    They blow Depends max protection out of the water in terms of functionality. They are much bigger and can hold much more. In terms of look and feel though, although there is a crinkle they are cloth backed, but have more colour. I love PVC, but when I felt how awesome they were on me, I really liked them. If your looking for big poofy diapers you cant ignore, well.... these are for you. Plus... I think you will love the velcro tapes.

    I believe I bought my pack for 22.50.

    Here is a link to a video that goes in detail:

    TENA Super Briefs - SCT67401 - YouTube

    OH and ignore the package in the video. They are different here.

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    I got some TENA super briefs as part of the brief sample sample pack from HDIS. It contained 2 of several brands of diapers, and among them were 2 TENA super briefs. I have only tried 1, so far, and I really liked it!

    The TENA super brief was a light green/blue with white side panels. I liked the poofyness of it. It fit very comfortably. It is a pretty quiet diaper and therefore the crinkle can easily be concealed. If I order from HDIS, these diapers will more than likely be on the bill!

    I have several different brands yet to try out and see how I like them. So far the only one I didn't care that much for was the Attends Breathable. Compared to the other diapers in the sample package,,,these didn't fit as comfortably. A two page score sheet comes with the brief sample pack. You can fill in on your own when trying out the different brands of diapers. Once you've tried all the diapers in the sample pack, you have your score sheet to look back on to assist you in choosing the diaper you liked best.

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    i used to wear them when i was about 13 and i always loved how much they absorbed and how comfortable they were. i wore one about a month ago and it was still as great as i remember. next time i run out of diapers, i'll definitely be buying them.

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    Price wise, the Tena Super medium is very competitive with the Abena M3.

    I would still go for the M3, so long as it was plastic. If the only M3 available was clothed backed, (which is soon to be the case, unfortunately...) I very well might go with the Tena Super.

    The velcro tabs work very well. I have had some situations where they ripped completely off the wing, but that isn't a common problem. They don't have leak guards either, but unless you tend to like #2's, it isn't a problem at all.

    I wouldn't call it a premium diaper at all, but certainly a solid mid-range one.

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    I love the Tena Supers. They're plastic-backed over here. In my opinion they fare better than Molicare Supers, and their absorbancy is really fantastic compared to other store-bought brands.

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    tena supers suk, you have to go with the super plus's, and they still suck cause they are cloth backed....

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    I wear the tena twist flex pull-up diapers a lot. They are very absorbent and I like them better than the depends.

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    The Tena Supers are pretty good for an affordable brief that isn't Depend. I have to agree about the not having a plastic backing to them... But be that as it may they are pretty comfortable and absorbent too.. They hold a decent amount of liquid.

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