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Thread: PPG vs MLP

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    Default PPG vs MLP

    Which side would you choose, My Little Pony or Powerpuff Girls? You know how there are Chevy people and there are Ford people, they only buy from one manufacturer, they never buy the other. I wonder if it is like that with MLP and PPG. I personaly like PPG the most (in case you couldn't tell ). The characters are very little girlish, and there are some parts that make me giggle. What are your thoughts? Are you sugar, spice, and everything nice; or are you a Pegasister?

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    I love both. But i tend more toward the brony side of things.

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    PPG is a cute enough show, but the whole MLP package I find much more fun.

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    Well i loved the PPGs i must say that the ponys always win too me. the joke are just a better.

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    I am a fan of both show and love both of them but I would take MLP any day being a brony is so much fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDavid94 View Post
    Are you sugar, spice, and everything nice?
    I'm more :

    Snips and Snails ... and puppy's dog tails

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    For those who never found it, this song pretty much sums up how awsome MLP is. PPG is a fine show, but MLP just created something crazy.

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    Powerpuff Girls. I don't like Little Poney.

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