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    Default An introduction of sorts!

    Well, I registered earlier this month and have just been 'lurking' around for a while and figured I might as well make an introduction. I found the cheat sheet for an introduction and I guess I'll just follow that (if it isn't obvious ) So here goes:

    I'm a 21 year old full time student studying mechanical engineering. I have many interests and hobbies...used to play guitar, used to draw a lot, use to do website design (that was a long time ago however. I taught myself how to use Photoshop, HTML CSS, and PHP. Most recently learning C# for my major, and really enjoyed that.)

    I don't think I could say all of the things I enjoy doing, but I'll try. I like music, math and science (engineering student that likes math and science? Huh...), computers, stand-up comedy, reading (although not so much 'regular' reading...more along the lines I reading about physics, astronomy, medical, psychology, history, and whatever I find that seems interesting), and the occasional video (but don't play as much as I used to. Most recently, I did develop an addiction to Minecraft, and play some games on my laptop occasionally...but I don't haven't gotten a new console since the PS2.)

    What brings me here...well I've been an AB/DL since I was very little, and have never really been very social about it. I suppose I'm just here to participate in discussion, give my opinions on things, and meet people like myself. I've been alone with these interests for a long time now, and I've been feeling like getting some things off of my chest and getting some support and advice.

    As far as personality is concerned, I'm a very shy/introverted/quiet/whatever you want to call it type of person. I tend to spend a lot of time thinking and listening, and not enough time actually speaking. Although, once I make close friends I think I tend to drive them away when they realize I just won't shut up. Aaaaaaand...I suppose I have a bit of a sense of humor sometimes as well, or at least from what I've been told.

    Guess that's it for this essay of an introduction...hope I didn't waste much of anybody's time.

    (Authors note: I always hate making these posts and creating profiles...I can't ever think of how to describe myself thoroughly enough and worry if anybody will even care)

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    Hi benjibam I share some of your webdesign interests. Nice to meet you.

    Do you actually do stand-up comedy, or just like watching it?


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    Oh no I'm much too shy to actually get on stage and do it, but I do think it would be fun. I just watch it.

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