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Thread: how can i buy diapers without my mom noticing?

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    Question how can i buy diapers without my mom noticing?

    I'm wondering how I can pull off the pull-ups without my mom getting suspicious about it?
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    Well, I don't know what your house looks like so I'm not sure what spots you have available for hiding, but I find that sticking them behind books in a bookcase, or mixed in with clothes if you do your own laundry, works well. If someplace like your closet is a mess use that to your advantage and bury them in there. As for wearing, if you have Goodnites they are unnoticable under most clothes as long as they are not really tight, and even then I doubt you would get much attention unless someone who really knows what you normally look like is staring at you down there. And wear long shirts to ensure the waistband is concealed.

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    well..wear something baggy and try not to move to much i guess

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    Internal pockets of old school bags in your closet might be a good hiding place. Additionally, since I note you're a girl from your profile... If you already have a bag or a drawer somewhere in your room where you keep your pads/tampons, maybe put the pullups in with that? Would your parents be less likely to find them there?

    Another good place is if you have an old cardboard box from some electronics somewhere, put the box in your closet (as though you're just storing it) and keep the diapers inside. Especially good if the box has styrofoam inserts you can hide the diapers inside it, and even if they open it they'll just assume it's an empty electronics box with the styrofoam in (and since it will be light they won't think anything's inside it).

    That's just off the top of my head, I'll have a think and see what else I come up with for you.


    If you do decide to move a box up from the basement or something, probably best to leave it in your closet for a couple of weeks first *without* putting diapers in it, so as not to arouse suspicion. If you think your parents might perceive this as strange behaviour anyway, preface it with a two day "big clean" where you're "organizing your room/closet." Take everything out of the closet, make a mess in your room, shuffle everything around, make it seem like it's a thing. Then when you grab a box from the basement it seems much less weird.

    But put everything away neatly after. And if you put the box at the back of the top shelf with other stuff on it, it's less likely to arouse suspicion.


    On the off chance that you've got really old clothes that you don't wear that have bizarrely overlarge pockets in them (ie, an old hoodie with front pocket) you could hang it in the back of your closet where it is unlikely to attract attention and stash a few pullups in there.

    Just thought of that.



    If you have a variety of different purses, and some of them are big enough and you don't use them very often, those would make a good hiding place too.

    What else... old halloween costumes, dance/karate/girlscout univorms, whatever is around that you're never really going to "use" again (or at least not regularly) and which your parents are unlikely to spontaneously go through, you could pin the clothes creatively and stick diapers inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxytiger View Post
    I'm wondering how I can pull off the pull-ups without my mom getting suspicious about it?
    Well there are a number of ways to get diapers without your parents noticing.

    Learn your parent's schedule or learn how long theyll be out for a day if you are ever left alone.
    This will give you a heads up to how long you have to buy the diapers in question.You should have
    a place to hide them already for when you return home with the product in hand. If you do fear anyone seeing you buy them
    take a backpack or something that can hold it in secret as well.

    Also if your parents never go out do the simple Im going out with friends method. You can pretend that you are carrying something in a backpack
    that you are taking along to not cause suspicion and go to the store and buy your padding. You store it in the backpack and return home pretending they couldnt
    hang out or werent there. Once again you should be prepared with a hiding spot because just bringing it home without being found out doesnt make it safe from your mom.
    This is a bit ehh mostly due to the lying part but hey we're humans.

    Just remember to have a spot ready to hide them and something to carry them in if things like parents returning home early or friends passing by happens to pop up.

    Also how to pull off wearing pull-ups and getting them from your hiding area.
    The most easy solution is that your stash is hidden well in your room and keep the door close and locked if you ever decide to wear them around family. Baggy clothes can block any possible crinkling from the diaper itself. If you cant hide them in your room simplest way I can think of to take a diaper out of hiding is to just hide it in a hoodie or pretend you are looking for something and stash it in something that can contain at least one diaper without suspicion.

    For hiding spots always consider this:
    * Areas that are almost exclusive to you
    * Cluttery areas filled with other stuff to hide any possibilities of being found
    * Areas that even if searched would have a small nook that can hide the item in question without a problem
    * Clean and wont affect the Item
    * Mostly Ignored

    Over time youll get used to hiding and taking out of your stash, so take it easy. I wish you luck.

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    If you have bookshelves inside your room, they usually have a hollow footprint... so you could theoretically jam some diapers under or behind there for safe-keeping. This one's really dangerous if you're not the one who does the vacuuming in your room, though. When picking hiding places in the house, freaking remember: Just because YOU never go in there doesn't mean someone else doesn't.


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