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Thread: Exploding Goodnite

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    Default Exploding Goodnite

    So I've heard that goodnites arent that absorbent. I wear goodnites and I have issues with leaks and thought it was because of absorbency. So I used a partially wet goodnite and put it in the shower and turned the water on. The goodnite can hold a lot surprisingly. It eventually exploded though. Not a lot. So goodnites aren't bad at absorbing. It actually held quite a bit. Though I think it would fall off before it exploded.

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    Probably the best title I've seen on here yet. Props to you babydanny1995

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    Yeah...they are better than I had originally thought. I assumed they would leak after one wetting, but they held up just fine for me (and I pee a lot.) The second time around, however, they do start leaking a little.

    Huh, in the shower...I never thought about wearing one in the shower before. Kind of sounds interesting...I might have to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalfAndHalf View Post
    Probably the best title I've seen on here yet. Props to you babydanny1995
    Lol I was kind of expecting something really gross...but I blame my gutter mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbbabsie View Post
    Lol I was kind of expecting something really gross...but I blame my gutter mind.
    I was too :P
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    They don't hold that much for me, but that's because I can't fit into them.

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    I dont know if anyone cares.... but the sap can absorb alot more tap water than actual urine, it has to do with the saline content of what the body produces. It's less 'absorbable' than plain fresh water. This is why swimming experiments or showering with any kind of sap containing diaper ends with 25lbs of expanded gel looking for a way out. Salty water just wont inflate the stuff the same way

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    Since goodnites are for bedwetting, I don't think they were designed for an all at once flooding, so they might just be better able to handle a slower wetting. [removed] They one of my favs because they're really easy to wear all the time xD
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    I really dislike goodnites because their absorbency is terrible

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    I can live with the absorbancy with goodnites because although they aren't completely bad, they are decent. They do however have lots of padding and provide excellent boosters with disposables.

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    Diapers can hold a lot more water then they can hold pee. The salt in the urine prevents the gel from holding as much, but pure water from the shower will absorb so well that they do explode. all brands of diaper are like this.

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