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Thread: Any airshow fans?

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    Default Any airshow fans?

    Hi there ADISC,

    Just wondering if there any airshow fans out there?

    Obviously I am and the attraction for me is the sheer noise and awesome sight of seeing something with so much power being thrown around the sky right in front of you

    The best airshow I've ever been to was RIAT (RAF Fairford, Gloucester, UK) this year. If any of you folks from foreign climes get the chance to go, please do!

    My favourite airshow highlight was the thrust-vectoring Mikoyan MiG-29 OVT at the same venue in 2006, an incredible display and I highly doubt anything I see in the future will outdo that. Favourite static had to be the B-2A at this year's RIAT.

    If you'd like to share your favourite airshow moments, please go right ahead, the more the merrier

    I'm planning on going to MAKS next year (Moscow) even just to see the Russian Knights (6 x Su-27 Flankers).
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    I'd love airshows although i never attended it. I hope i can go to Singapore to watch Singapore Airshow and when i can i want to go to MAKS, RIAT and any other show

    Well i don't know if this counts as airshow but during Indodefence 2010 there is Australian AF Aerobatic Team the Roulettes performing and it was cool. And also during Indonesian Army Anniversary there is Jupiter Aerobatic Team with KT-1 Trainer it was awesome. and i heard there are gonna new Aerobatic team The Thunder aerobatic Team featuring... Sukhoi Su-27/30 cool i want to see it

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    I haven't been to any 'real' airshows since I was little (I suppose real airshows are ones in which you get up close to the planes?) but I do find jets and planes to be pretty interesting. I live in Kentucky, where there is the annual Derby festival, which has the 'Thunder over Louisville' show. Usually have things like B-52, B-2, Apache, blue angels a few times, and others...however I don't think it's considered a usually air show as it's all over a river in the middle of a city, so no getting to see anything up close really. Usually, people just go for the fireworks at the end of the day (apparently the largest fireworks display in North America). Airshows around here aren't as popular as they were 15 years ago unfortunately.

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    The best airshow I've ever been to was 7 June 1963 when President John F. Kennedy came to the navy research base at NOTS China Lake Calif for a demonstration of the navy's weapons systems developed here.
    The Presidential Visit, 7 June 1963 - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

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