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    Hello all, I was wondering if people prefer to buy adult baby clothes or piece together their own. Personally I enjoy piecing, it saves me money and I can make an outfit mine.

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    Seeing as though I could never create or put together something "Babyish" enough in my eyes, I have no choice but to buy. I love the classics, a good baby print footed sleeper with the zipper front and non-slip feet, baby print onesies (non-lap shoulder) with snaps in the legs, etc. I'm also into bondage (as a newborn/infant), so bunting bags, locking plastic pants, extremely thick spreading pants and so on, but I don't know how to make ANY of it lol.

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    It's ohk I don't know how to either. I don't actually sew my own clothes, but for example I've purchased a pair of adult osh kosh short overalls (still waiting on delivery =/ ) and a Clifford 2t-3t sleeper. I plan to cut out the Clifford and liquid stitch it to the overalls. I can't wait to start that project when the supplies arrive. I've always been into thick (and I mean very thick) diapers and rubber pants.

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    I can sew so I like to make my own but I don't have many outfits because I don't have the money for the fabric.

    I do however want to make a dress just like this one!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I always purchase my A/B stuff I wouldn't have the skill or patience to make my own and as a previous comment said I couldn't make them babyish enough. Although if you can make your own fair play I admire that :P

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    I prefer to buy them but I do make some of my own such as footies. I also have sewn a few onesie shirts. Planning on making some Button up shirts that have a snap crotch. Once I can get the Pattern down I may start selling some.

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    I wish I had the money to buy clothing from AB stores online... so far, I've only bought onesies, and the couple of other things I have are just childish-looking things from Target. I *could* probably make my own, if I had the time and patience. Mostly patience.

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    I don't even know how to make clothes like how do I measure so they fit me right? How do I make them the same size so they are even? I just buy them instead. I get them on ebay. I am lucky I am thin because smaller AB clothes tend to be easier to get. The bigger ones, bids go high on those beyond my budget. Plus some great ones even though they would fit me, bids also go high on those too.

    I could probably do simple things like buy stuff to put on clothes that can be ironed on or sewed on, by some fabric to sew on the shirt and dresses to make them look childish. But I like how some make AB clothes from scratch and how creative they are. I am not very creative. Some buy regular clothes and convert them into AB clothes and I buy those too on ebay. They are usually cheaper than the ones I have bought that were made from scratch.

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    I can barely buy clothes that fit me properly, tailoring them myself would just end badly. It would be awesome to be able to design clothes that I want rather than having to sometimes settle for something I'm not 100% satisfied with but it's just too much of a hassle in my mind to make my own when I can buy clothes that are probably better in the long run.

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    My wife does sew and from time to time will make me *B clothes but if I want something embroidered or I see a specific item that I want I'll usually buy them.

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