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Thread: Understanding the different "Sissies"

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    Default Understanding the different "Sissies"

    I consider myself to be a “party sissy” because I like to dress up or be dressed up as one and treated as such during a get together. Although (at least before I got married), had I ended up in a relationship where my partner wanted me to be his sissy baby, I think I would have been ok with that. Thing is, it’s more of the look and feel for me, not so much wanting to be a little girl, but more like being forced and humiliated to be one (if that makes sense). Most people, who are JUST sissy babies, truly understand the fashion sense, act the part and also enjoy being ether forced or humiliated. I figured before I made this post, I would educate myself a bit more about the actual definition of being a “sissy” (or in my case, a sissy baby) and Google responded by smacking me in the face with a city bus load of meanings I understand there is no wrong or right way to be a sissy baby, but what does it mean to be a sissy baby to you? What defines your “sissy” persona?

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    Thing is, it’s more of the look and feel for me, not so much wanting to be a little girl, but more like being forced and humiliated to be one (if that makes sense).
    I totally understand what you saying, some people like of been "humiliated" and forced to be a little girl. Like, the arousal is more focused in the the submission and humillation, then the fact of been a sissy girl. It's kind you pretend that you don't like of "been forced", but you actually likes.

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    To me, a sissy babies it's a male that like to act and pretend be a little girl, wearing really feminine clothes and such..

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    For me I am more like the little girl sissy type, I just like acting like a little girl. The look and feel also entices me.
    And for has humiliation and submission I get why people do it but it's not for me just saying.

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    I'm a full-on transie sissy. I can't stand being male. It's just... Wrong for me. So whether baby or not, I'd rather be girly.

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    I would say IAm most like a little girl sissy, I just want to be cute and loved. I don't want to be forced or humiliated.

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    Due to my androgynous tendencies, I am just me...but in more like teen-girl's not humiliating for me, and I wouldn't want it to be...though challenging and daring sometimes. So...I could be considered sissy/lg, but I don't identify with that per-Si. I don't find the female to be weaker, or's an honor to be quasi girl, and still be a 'boy' too! I find the out-dated and out-moded cultural binary gender system to be so much 'bunk' (IMMHO) but, to be a true 'sissy' is to embrace the binary aspects, and switch to the classic feminine and/or little-girl role, and related accoutrements...I don't begrudge anyone that...otherwise it's a look and feel for me too but, I could dress up glam/evening wear for a get-together too. For physical mods, I could do 'A' cup or 'trainer' size breasts, remove all body, and facial-hair, and put a 'va-jay-jay' in place of my 'jewels'...leaving my 'appendage' in tact. Besides a designer intersex...what would you call me?? I've been trying to find this label...

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    Cue this weeks topic on my blog, well kind of. Lol!
    Sissy as a word always used to mean the innocent, feminine girly girl, enveloped in frills, skipping through the day kind of thing and at one time I'd of stick my hand up if someone said "You're a sissy" but the main meaning on the net is centred on the humiliation, domination, forced to be..., punishment as kind of a thing even if they may share at least some of the attire those of us who use the word 'adult little girl' instead to avoid any misunderstandings.
    In the end you own whatever terms you use to describe yourself so if sissy works for you now, then that's okay.
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    I a little bit of both. My androgynous personality is more 12 year old girl kinda sissy. There is also a major love of the humiliation aspect of it. So yeah I'm just me.

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    Many people like hummilation, but it's not my cup of tea. I would like to been treated and kindness and sweetness, excatly like a girl would be

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    It's a fun and fetish thing for me; I've never questioned my "plumbing." I think girls' clothing is just so much more exciting to look at compared to guy. Consider that guys are generally limited to pants, shorts, shirts, and jackets. They might have something slightly fun for underwear, like a banana hammock, but that's about it. Most of the time, it's going to be boxer briefs, tidy-whiteys, or boxers. Girls can choose all of the above, along with a selection of bras, skirts, widely colored panties in all shapes and sizes, hair accessories (though you can find the occasional guy wearing an aliceband for practicality) and can more easily get away with showing off some midriff. There's just so much more to look at.

    I was never very masculine to begin with. I had a minor fascination with girls clothes before puberty, and it became a very sexual thing for me afterwards. There are some days when all I want to see are crossdressers (mainly traps), and then there's the days when I want mainly diaper content. With the way ABUs poll is going, it might be a lot easier to find some sissies in cute pink crinkles. <3

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