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Thread: Loving Comfort Diapers

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    Question Loving Comfort Diapers

    Has anyone ordered from recently? I sent them an email and I am awaiting a response. But I thought maybe they are just slow. Does anyone know more? Thanks in advance for any help

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    I have tried a couple time and once I got an e-mail back but that was over 1 year ago. I think they look as if they have great diapers but they never respond.

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    Ok. Do you know of where to get the best cloth diapers? I am new to cloth by the way so it would be a first time cloth for me.

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    check out the diapers at changingtimesdiaperco if they still have your size in stock they are on sale.
    I like the diapers I purchased form them. and if you need plastic pants try comco.

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